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Wildly Inappropriate ~ Six Sentence Sunday and Cover Reveal #sixsunday

Edits are in for Wildly Inappropriate, so that's the story I'm pulling my six sentences from today. The release date is set for September 8th.

Her hair was straight, with a few half-hearted waves. He pictured the heavy length if allowed to re-assume its natural kink and volume. He'd prefer it that way, he decided. As long as he was standing in the shadows of his own kitchen, making over a strange woman to suit him, he'd strip off her garish makeup too, and he mentally removed her nail polish along with her clothes.
But because his father's blood ran in his veins, he'd leave the chain around her neck. No, he'd replace the chain with his belt.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Holding My Heroes Hostage in A Hero's Blog Hop

I pause with my hand on the door of Heartthrob Haven, looking over my shoulder. Relaxing a bit when I see my three hostages still with me, I give them a smile designed to be reassuring. "This Heroes Blog Hop will be fun," I promise.

The closest man to me, Colton De Marco, sighs. I see the plea his hazel eyes. "Why do I have to come here, again? I mean, Jonah's at baseball camp this week, Eden. That gives me time alone with Lila. You know we have to beg, borrow, and steal time alone because of my nephew."

Behind him, his older brother Daniel chokes out a laugh. "Beg, borrow and steal? Gimme a break, C. If I had a dollar for every time that kid's almost walked in on me and Cynda, I could bribe Eden to let me out early. I think y'all kick him out of the house every time you guys feel like—" Daniel glances over his shoulder at the third man, a man these brothers don't know. "Um…gettin' frisky."

The man in the rear rolls his brown eyes, rubbing his hand over close-cropped brown hair. "I'm a Marine. You can say 'fuck' in front of me." Impatiently, he shuffles his feet, encased in tan suede boots. "Can we get this show on the road, Eden? I left Tori back in D.C. and you know a terrorist has it in for her family."

I open the door and they file past me, looking around curiously. Gesturing toward the three folding director's chairs in the center of the room, I add helpfully, "Find the one with your name on the back and get comfortable. Some readers will be dropping in and they might ask you guys some questions." Frowning at Tanner, I add, "I'm not so sure I want to hear you use the F-word to our guests."

He straightens the shirt collar of his desert fatigues and saunters past. "I guess you should've made me a Boy Scout then, Miss Writer Chick." But he winks.

He takes the center chair. I wonder at his motive for separating the De Marco brothers, but keep quiet. Colton takes the seat to Tanner's left and Tanner turns in his seat to give Colton's jeans and white t-shirt a hard look. I can see his gaze pause at Colton's hands, the nicks and cuts identifying him as a working guy. "Must get pretty cold where you're from, huh?"

Daniel cautiously lowers his large frame into the flimsy folding contraption, answering for his brother. "No, I wouldn't say it gets that cold in South Carolina."

Tanner turns to glance at Dan. "Then why the fuck's his hair so long?"

Dan flashes a confident grin, not intimidated in the least by Tanner. He reads the name tape across the chest of the other man's fatigues. "Because, Caldwell, he likes it that way." His shoulders begin to shake and he soon splutters with laughter."Hold your ass until our last book comes out, soldier boy. I hear Lila's gonna give Colton a flyer from Locks of Love. He'll shave his head if that's what his woman wants." Stretching his legs, he adds, "I can't wait to hear the shit our middle brother Eric gives him for that, either."

Colton leans forward suddenly, staring past Tanner at Daniel, then cuts his eyes toward me. "Is that true, Eden? Does Lila want me to cut my hair?"

Dan's still laughing. "You'll do it. Don't try to pretend you won't."

"So," I asked, pointing to Daniel, "are you saying there's something you wouldn't do for Cynda?"

Tanner flashes me a grin when Dan gapes at me. The oldest De Marco brother's laughter trails off and he fidgets with the buttons on his red button-down shirt. I smirk inwardly. Cynda's been shopping.

I'm trying hard not to smile outright when I offer, "Name one thing you wouldn't do for the woman I gave you and I'll  let you leave the Heroes Hop early." They look at each other silently, then each one sneaks a wary glance at me, trying to decide whether I'm bluffing.

While they're thinking, allow me to tell you about the Heroes Blog Hop. each author will have her--or his--own contest and prizes, and there are over a hundred authors participating in this hop. 

And there's more.

There are 3 Grand Prize giveaways for the Blog Hop itself:
1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet (or $199.00 if you already have one)
2nd Grand Prize: A $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: The following Swag Pack!

(My contest information is at the end of my conversation with my three heroes.)

"You guys do realize she can take them away with one sentence?" Tanner mutters, narrowing his gaze at me. "And she'll damn sure tell them what we say."

Ah, that's right, think like a Marine, Tanner. You're always on the lookout for trouble, aren't you? Expecting the worst? Thinking in terms of loss, and terrorists, and the sudden change in fortunes war can bring?  I can't tell him what's in store for him and the Navy psychiatrist. Not yet. "You don't have a release date, Tanner," I point out. "When a Soldier Cries has only a blurb and cover art."

Colton is staring at me. "Please don't take Lila, Eden. You know how long I waited for her. Please, let me keep her. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. You know that."

I do know, Colton. I know you admired Lila from afar for a decade. Don't let the big, bad Marine get in your head. He's good at that. "So, if she asks you to get a haircut?"

"What time does the barber shop open?" His gaze is steady.

"Cynda and I have a release date," Daniel interrupts. "September 8th." Shaking his head, he smiles. "I gotta admit, it threw me at first that you sent a hot little black chick to rock my world."

"Well, at your age, Daniel, I had to send someone--"

"Wildly Inappropriate?" he supplies.

With a shrug, I point out, "Something had to take the heat off Lila. The whole town was whispering behind her back."

"About what?" Tanner demands. "Is Lila some kind of traitor?"

"People think so." Colton sounds miserable. "See, her husband died, and she started seeing me before her widow's year was up." He shifts in his seat. "They don't stop to count the three years Pete was paralyzed from the neck down, either. Oh, no, they count from the day the poor man died."

Tanner stares at him in amazement, as if trying to decide whether or not Colton's serious. "Fuck that," the Marine finally growls. "Tomorrow, you or she could be the one dying. Dude, if you love her and she loves you, fuck everybody else." Turning to stare at Daniel, he adds, "I guess they're giving you hell down there in South Carolina about your woman being black?" He leans back against the wide canvas strap behind him, crossing one boot over the other. "I've seen plenty of men bleed. Black ones, white ones, brown ones. We all bleed the same shade of red."

Daniel is looking at me. "She won't take them away, C. Not after the way she made us turn ourselves inside out to earn 'em. Eden won't do that."

"What have you done for your lady lately?" I ask, smothering a yawn.

"I let her be exactly who she is." Colton is the first to speak. "You know Lila's never had that before, Eden."

Nodding slightly, I look past Tanner to stare pointedly at Daniel.

He runs a hand through his dark waves, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "Okay, I know I can be hard to live with. Demanding." 

I raise my brows and reach for my purse, digging out a small pad and a pen. "You think?" I don't smile, although I want to, at the sight of such a big man squirming.

"Yes, dammit. I know I like things done my way, but Eden, Cynda…she's…she's that piece of me that makes me make sense. She's the one thing in my life that makes me feel...not wrong. She's the real color in my world, so whatever you're thinking, you need to stop thinking it, right now." His large hands clutch the flimsy wooden arms on his seat. I see his knuckles are white. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. She likes giving me the control. I swear to God, she does. Just ask her."

Silently, I look at Tanner. He's staring at me, his head lowered, his elbows propped on his knees. "Tori's been through enough, Eden. First she lost her mother and little brother on 9/11, and then you know what her bastard of an ex did to her."

I nod but don't speak.

"So, if you come for Tori," his eyes bore into mine, "you better bring some fucking help. You're gonna need it."

Thank you for dropping in.  I'm giving away two free copies of Colton and Lila's story, Soft Sounds of Pleasure for every twenty entries. In order to qualify for the drawing I'll hold at the end of the Hop, just leave a comment with a valid e-mail address.


If you ask one of these guys a question, I'll enter your name twice in each drawing. Every entrant may win only once. I use the Draw Straws application to select the winners and they will be posted within 24 hours of the end of the hop, by midnite (EDT) August 2nd. This is an international contest; anyone worldwide may win. Prize is in PDF e-book format, readable on any PC or e-reader.

More information about the De Marco brother's series, published by Silver Publishing.
More information about When a Soldier Cries, published by Rebel Ink Press.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT:  I had 43 people to comment and leave an email address, so thats a total of four copies of Soft Sounds of Pleasure I'll  give away, PLUS, those who asked one or more of my heroes a question will be entered in their own separate second-chance drawing, if they don't win in Round 1.

Results of Drawing 1: Draw Straws selected the following four winners: 
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Second-Chance Drawing Results-- for those who asked my heroes a question. Since there were seventeen of you, and that's awfully close to twenty, I chose to have Draw Straws select two winners, and those were: 
Yvette and The Brunette Librarian (link to drawing results)

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It's Hard to Let a Good Man Go

Even though I have one book still to write for my series with Silver Publishing, Those Devilish De Marco Men, these characters don't seem to be in any hurry to move out of my head.

Then I realized I could continue to share them with you through the free Silver Shorts anthologies, published weekly by Silver.

It was one of those moments; the sort of thought that seems so obvious after you have it. So, based on the prompts sent out by Silver, each week I'll be adding free bonus material to this series--little sketches that will hopefully either tempt you to read the series, or reward you for loving these characters.

The first of these went up today. Set the evening before the first book, Soft Sounds of Pleasure begins, this short scene will introduce you to the men of this series--Daniel, Eric, Colton, and Jonah--three unmarried brothers and their nephew.

Since I never know which character will speak up until I see the prompts, this should be a lot of fun. I'll keep a running list of links to the downloads on the Silver site here on my blog, on the series page, in case you miss one.

Now, you can take a bite of me, every week, as my way of saying "Thank you". There's no catch and no charge, just three and a half hot guys waiting to whisk you into their world, and the only way you can get them is by visiting the Silver Publishing website. Just register for an account and start reading now, no purchase required.

Go on...take a bite.

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The Boy Toy ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Six sentences from a free story in progress.
Each week, I'll be writing a new bonus scene available as a free read from Silver Publishing, based on my series Those Devilish De Marco Men. This week, Lila runs in to her former best friend who chastises her for not waiting a full year to start dating, as well as for dating a much younger man.

“Hello, I’m the Boy Toy, but mostly I answer to Colton. I don’t believe I've had the pleasure.” She felt his arm go around her waist and saw him offer his other hand for Pam to shake. The warmth of his big body caressed her side in much the same way his voice heated at the word “pleasure”.

Lila wished for a split second that God would send a bolt of fire and kill her right there on the spot so she could go find Pete and kick his ass all over Heaven for dying. Even if the bloody Baptists were right and he wouldn’t be paralyzed from the neck down any more, she’d jerk a fistful of feathers off his new wings and jam that damn halo everyone in town had assigned him down his throat before she kicked him right square in the nuts, for leaving her alone to start over at forty in a town about the size of a postage stamp.

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When a Soldier Cries ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Six sentences from my upcoming release, When a Soldier Cries. 

Tanner bolted out the door the instant he heard the first feminine shriek of outrage. His years in Special Ops made him immune to panic, yet he pushed himself for top speed because Cotton was a nasty piece of work. Cotton’s father Wayne was the ring-leader behind thefts of military equipment, and the suspected leader of a bunch of home-grown terrorists calling themselves Patriots of the New Dawn. It had been Tanner’s idea to find out where the Patriots were stashing the stolen equipment by getting close to Wayne’s incarcerated son. Undercover at the medium-security juvenile prison since the day Cotton arrived at Jackson, he was working his ass off to get close to the little prick when all he wanted to do was strangle the kid.

He’d tried getting close to the shrink too, thinking she’d be a good alternate source of information on Cotton. 

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An Open Letter to Those Who Ask: “Why Write/Read Romance Novels?”

Starting with the uproar in February over Paypal’s arrogance in deciding what I could use my Paypal card to purchase and read, and those who presumed to talk down to me when I spoke out against my debit card’s right to censor me, through the discussions taking place over the Fifty Shades of Gray phenomenon, I’ve been asked one question countless times. “Why write romance?” My friends and family say things I’m sure they don’t mean to hurt, like, “I don’t read those kinds of books. Why don’t you write real novels?” This article in the Huffington Post finally prodded me to answer publicly.

To answer the question, I’ll first need to explain why I read romances.

In addition to the catastrophic events that resulted in my husband’s becoming a quadriplegic, discussed elsewhere on this blog, I lost the core of my family in a seven year span. I buried my husband, both grandparents, the odd cousin or two, my father and finally my mother. In short, almost everyone I cared about except my children died, and a close friend committed suicide. Another close friend’s seventeen-year-old son killed himself and trying to share the weight of her grief was my final straw. I withdrew from socializing; spending my time instead trying to process what seems to me now to be a form of PTSD.

Eventually I grew tired of trying to answer the unanswerable, and reached for a book. It wasn’t a romance novel, but in chewing through my TBR list, I did find a romance novel in the pile. I read it, I read it again and I bought the next one. In a two-year span, I read well over three thousand romance and erotica stories. Yes, you did read that right, over three thousand romance or erotica titles, one right after the other, as fast as I could read them.

Why? Because in those pages, I found hope and joy and the simple delight that a sexual connection can bring. The gut-wrenching moment of break-up and the tummy-turning instant of realizing you’re in love—all present and accounted for.  Though those emotions were a damn long way from my reality at that time, I still felt them, and through feeling them again, was able to reconnect. I discovered that today’s romances had little in common with the ones my mother let me read at twelve and thirteen, those by Rosemary Rogers and Kathleen Woodiwiss.

Not that I’m knocking those two authors, nor their work. The article itself in the Huffington Post is merely the tip of the iceberg. Like any online article, the real meat is in the comments. Those works are being brutalized by people—like the author of the article-- who don’t understand their appeal. Ah, hell, let’s be fair, romance novels in general got bashed, as did the women—and men—who read and write them.

So here’s my official response: Why do you put down what you don’t understand? I’m fed up with the implication that reading romances fries brain cells and that writing them is less than I could aspire to. I watch baseball too, and although I enjoy the hell out of it, I never left a game feeling smarter. But I will submit that to denigrate the romance/erotica genre has a lot in common with those who say watching baseball is like watching paint dry. You clearly don’t understand what’s taking place.

The sexuality of a woman is complex. For men, not so much. Men are visually stimulated. If you want to turn me on, you’ll need to do more than drop your shorts. I’ll need to know why you’re into me, or at a minimum, I’ll be wondering why the hell I’m into you. A romance novel will help answer those questions. Behind every good romance story is an insight into the sexuality of a woman. We need those insights, we crave them, because as we go through life, we change. Our wants in the bedroom change, and the divorce rate can surely attest that our wants in a mate change. Yet we don’t always know why. Each well-written romance has a piece of the answer.

We cannot trust the mainstream media on the topic. Often, we cannot even trust our closest friends. We must go to the romance/erotica genre to find the validation for our fantasies. To see that we’re not strange or weird, but that there are other women in the world who feel and think the things we’re supposed to be ashamed to feel and think. Or to want from a man.

I’ve come to view the romance and erotica genres as collective wisdom on what it means to be a sexually-functioning female.

Read that again, slowly. Yes, I’m stating that romances help us process what it means to be female, what’s happening in our heads, and in our bodies and in society, as it relates to us. So if you’re waiting for me to apologize for reading romances, much less for writing them, I recommend you get real comfy, because you’re gonna have one hell of a wait.

Does that mean I feel every romance I’ve ever read to be stellar in some way? No. In fact, it was the bad ones that prodded me to take the plunge and write one myself. I learned a lot in doing so. The first thing I learned is that it’s damn hard to write an elegant sex scene. All those hands and legs and aching members must be accounted for. I’ll bet you my favorite pair of boots right now a murder scene is more easily written.
But in reading the bad ones, I decided what kind of romances I wanted to write. This is my promise to anyone who chooses to read a romance or erotica story I write:

I will respect the concept of love, even when pursuing the purely erotic.
I will give you fully-drawn heroines and heroes with motivations you can respect.
I will give you plots that are believable, even if/when I venture into the realm of the paranormal.

In short, I’ll never imply in any way that you’re stupid for reading a story I write. So please do me the courtesy of not asking me why I waste my time writing them.

And here is the link to my reply to the article, buried under the avalanche of condemnation and defensive responses.  

Nothing's more fun than a rollicking debate, so step in, grab a seat and speak up; now's your chance. Why do YOU write erotica/romance, or read it?

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Rebel Ink Press Summer Heat Flash Event & Cover Reveal

Welcome to the Rebel Ink Press Summer Heat Flash Fiction event, where all the Rebel writers are flashing you this weekend with 250 words based on the same photo prompt. Drop by the Rebel Ink blog and register for a chance to win a Grand Prize of $25 in Rebel Ink .PDF titles.

Random commenter will win an ARC copy of my current release, Soft Sounds Of Pleasure. I'll use the Draw Straws online app to choose the winner, same as always. 
Just leave a comment about the cover for When a Soldier Cries or the flash piece, AND a valid e-mail address to be entered in the drawing.

I've chosen to write my flash based on characters appearing in my upcoming Rebel Ink Press release, When a Soldier Cries. This scene does not appear in the story. In fact, it's set the evening before the story opens. Major Tanner Caldwell, a Special Ops Marine--the Corps call them MARSOC Marines--is undercover in a juvenile prison in North Carolina, trying to get information about a terrorist from the man's incarcerated teenage son. But it's the prison psychiatrist that's making this tough soldier sweat. When not at work, he has plenty of time to kill, and he spends it worrying about two things, how to get the juvenile, Cotton Covington, to open up about his father, and how to melt the icy shrink, Dr. Victoria Banks. You know what the Marines say: Semper Fi, Do or Die. Tonight, Tanner's in a take-no-prisoners mood.

Tanner flopped onto the bed in his dingy motel room, lotion at the ready, hard and aching. Tonight, he imagined the prison shrink wearing red high heels and nothing else. He saw himself cross the room to press her against the wall, pulling one of her legs around his waist. This time—god yes—this time, those odd-colored eyes always seeming to find him lacking would be glazed with lust rather than ice. They’d widen when he ground his cock forcefully against her to punish her for all the times she’d looked down her little nose at him. He’d nip at her hardening nipples. She’d get no tenderness from him.

No, for all the sleepless nights she’d given him and for all the days she’d looked at him like something to scrape from her shoe, he’d push into her quickly, using jabs with just his cockhead to give her time to get wet before slamming in to the hilt and setting a merciless tempo. He’d grab that pert ass, making her wrap both legs around him. His fist tightened in imitation of how her pussy would clench his invading cock. He’d bite those pale lips and she’d emit breathless moans as he fucked her, right there against the wall.

He came, imagining her sobs. “Oh, Tanner, yes.”

Words he’d never hear. She knew him as Max, newbie juvenile corrections officer and someone she saw as beneath her. Worse, his mission depended on his getting into her
head, not her pants.

This seems the perfect time to unveil the gorgeous cover for When a Soldier Cries.

 Most men would rather face the Taliban than a woman’s tears.
Special Forces Marine Tanner Caldwell has faced the Taliban a few times, so the attractive psychiatrist he meets while undercover in a prison should be an easy night’s work. During their one sizzling evening together, Tanner learns to hate the look Dr. Victoria Banks gets on her face when she’s trying not to cry. He leaves her, but he can’t forget her. Men like him go to war so women like her never have to wear that look.
Fate intervenes when Tanner receives orders to protect Tori from a bomber. While they have more baggage between them than a passenger jet, the bad-ass Marine is shocked to learn he’s added to hers in an unusual way. Nevertheless, their affair picks up where they left off and every day spent around Tori brings Tanner one day closer to the realization that he loves her and that no woman should have to be as brave as her. And one day closer to the day when duty calls him away.
 When Tanner learns the bomber wasn’t Tori’s biggest threat, he’ll have to face something far scarier than the Taliban. He’s going to have to face his past--and hers-- in order to breach the walls they’ve both been living behind. Tori believes that when a soldier cries, angels stop to listen. Tanner hopes that’s true because in order to heal the soul of the woman he loves, Tanner’s going to have to make Tori cry.
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WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Short Straws has selected Susan W as the winner of a copy of Soft Sounds of Pleasure. (link to drawing). Congratulations, Susan, I'll be e-mailing you shortly. Sincere thanks to all who dropped by, and especially to those who've left comments. I'm looking forward to the release of When a Soldier Cries, and plan to flash you a bit more with Tanner and Tori in the future.

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Unfortunate Reaction ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Another six from Soft Sounds of Pleasure.

Jonah gets his coveted baseball team tryout, and while watching, Colton's thoughts stray to Lila.

     While part of his brain tracked his nephew's actions as the boy did some stretching exercises, another part of his mind conjured the image of Lila all buttered up on her deck.
Colton jerked forward suddenly, placing his forearms over his knees and surreptitiously trying to adjust his jeans as he glanced around. This was not the place to pop wood. Some parent might think he had a thing for little boys, damn it.
He had trouble losing the hard-on though, because every time he blinked, he saw her. And sure enough, before he got his problem under control, some guy tapped him on the shoulder.

Please visit the Six Sentence Sunday Blog to read more interesting six sentence excerpts.
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Hot Man and a Quickie #3 FREE READ (m/m)

First things first.

The Hot Man:

Male model John Quinlan modeling for Perry Ellis. 
You know a man's smokin' when he looks just as yummy clothed as not.
ATTN: Romance writers, John would love to be on top...of your next romance cover.

The Quickie:

Excerpt from Using Broken Wings to Fly
 Read this story now! FREE READ Written for the Love is Always Write Event, hosted by the M/M Romance group on Goodreads. Simply ask to join the group, and read the story for free! Send me a friend request while you're there :)

"Help me, George. I need you to come to me."

George curled into a ball. Squeezing his knees to his chest, he dug his fingers into his jeans, unable to close his mind to the horrific visions racing through his head. Not his usual visions, where he saw young soldiers he knew being blown apart by IED's, but every bit as sickening.

"I guess the gay porn channel was asking too much?" he groaned. Then everything went black.

In other news, Soft Sounds of Pleasure received a 4.5/5.0 review  from Tyra's Book Addiction.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bride in Corset ~ another poem by Laura Dominguez

My friend Laura continues to be inspired by corset images and has once again graciously consented to let me post her latest, inspired by the image below.

Quietly sits contemplating, 
Embraced by niveous satin, taut silk ribbons, her center sensually confined Aches to touch but for long laced satin gloves, instead her eyes close, images of her lover to pulsate her..

Future betrothed safely sequestered, nuptials soon to begin ...thoughts of unwelcomed kindnesses invade, interrupted, she stares through the wall.

Lover's fingers secretly approach, erecting her instantly; they tug a sweet greeting at her long ribbon’s tongue, she quivers a response.

She turns to offer him her own, Kisses his lips, she tenderly kisses his eyes too, as all the best lovers do. He breathes her in, "I’ve come to take you.”
by Laura Dominguez

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Made Her Special ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Six more sentences from Soft Sounds of Pleasure.

The realization dawned on him then that part of what made her so fucking special was her loyalty to her man. He and his brothers got propositioned by neglected housewives all the time, but Lila's very inaccessibility had fueled his fantasies. The knowledge that she was forbidden and utterly beyond reach was part of what had made her prime thought-fuck material. Somehow, her brazen offer angered him, because her shamelessness seemed to dull her bright image in his head, but he was damned if he'd turn down this chance to fuck her. Lust overlaid with his ire made his voice ragged.
    "If I'm reading you correctly, you'll be the recipient. Where's Pete?" 

Thank you for dropping in, and please follow this link to the Six Sentence Sunday blog where you'll find many more six sentences to enjoy.

4th of July Blog Hop! Win an Amazon G!ft Card, Soft Sounds of Pleasure

Welcome to my stop on the 4th of July Blog Hop!

One lucky commenter will receive a $5 gift card from Amazon US, and another will win an e-book copy of my latest release, Soft Sounds of Pleasure, the first book in the series Those Devilish De Marco Men.

"Who are the De Marco men?" you ask. They're three delicious, dark-haired brothers who operate a family garage. Men so hot and hard-bodied that women in the small southern town where they  live  have been known to disable their own cars just for the pleasure of watching one of these three bend over their engines. Their mother walked out on the family when they were small, so each brother has some sort of, shall we say, commitment issue?

Daniel, the oldest, is the one in charge, partly because of birthright, but mostly because Dan's a natural Dom. He's thirty-six and still single because if he has to settle for vanilla sex, he'll go without. In Book 2, Wildly Inappropriate, due out this fall, Daniel finds not only the woman who tempts him to do something wildly inappropriate in order to have her, but learns the shocking answer to the question of why their mother abandoned them as children. 

Eric is the jokester and the brother who's dated every woman in town. His love life is best described as hit-and-run. He's so sure women will abandon him the way his mother did, he's always the first one out the door. Dan and Colton tease him a lot, and Eric plays the clown to hide his lingering hurt at being left behind with a father who became bitter and angry. Eric's going to find a woman he cannot run from, in Incidental Contact.

But right now, I'd like you to meet Colton, the youngest. Now twenty-nine, he's had a serious thing for forty-year-old, married Lila Walker ever since he was nineteen. When Colton learns her husband has died, he's prepared to do whatever it takes to convince Lila he can be more than her boy toy. He has a few obstacles. You see, their youngest sister Sarah has been killed and her son Jonah has come to live with Colton, since Sarah was never married and no one--not even Daniel-- knows who Jonah's father is.

When he's not sulking, Jonah wants to play baseball. Lila's only son Charlie played baseball. He even won the state championship before he joined the Marine Corps, so Colton hopes Lila can make room in her heart not only for him, but for the orphaned child that is making life miserable  at the moment . And to hell with the fact that everyone in town thinks Lila hasn't mourned Pete long enough. Colton's decided ten years is long enough to wait to get his hands on the woman of his dreams. 

Colton wants a home run with Lila. The bases are loaded against him: one foul nephew, one ogre-in-law, and Lila's loyal heart won't let Colton pinch-hit for her late husband. With the whole town keeping score, it's Game On.

"So, how do I win?" you ask.

This series has four books. 
Since there are only three brothers:
1. Leave a comment guessing which character (mentioned above) is the focus of Book Four  
2. AND a valid e-mail address.
It's that simple.

Winner will be chosen via the Draw Straws online application, and the link to the results will be posted here. In round 1, I'll enter every commenter's name, and draw a winner for the $5 Amazon gift card. In Round 2, every remaining name will be re-entered, EXCEPT the winner of the card. So, two chances to win!
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Happy 4th of July! 

 ****Winner Announcement****
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