Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unfortunate Reaction ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Another six from Soft Sounds of Pleasure.

Jonah gets his coveted baseball team tryout, and while watching, Colton's thoughts stray to Lila.

     While part of his brain tracked his nephew's actions as the boy did some stretching exercises, another part of his mind conjured the image of Lila all buttered up on her deck.
Colton jerked forward suddenly, placing his forearms over his knees and surreptitiously trying to adjust his jeans as he glanced around. This was not the place to pop wood. Some parent might think he had a thing for little boys, damn it.
He had trouble losing the hard-on though, because every time he blinked, he saw her. And sure enough, before he got his problem under control, some guy tapped him on the shoulder.

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  1. Poor guy! Hopefully he'll get some relief soon :)


  2. I'm in love with all the 6s from this book, Eden! This one included, poor guy :) love it when they've got it bad

  3. I have read this book and loved every word in it, but this scene still makes me giggle no matter how many times I've read it|!!! I just can't help it, the fact Lila makes him respond no matter where he is, what he's doing, and the idea of him trying to stop while watching baseball...ROFL! Excellent six from an excellent book!