Give Me Shelter ~ the Series

Rain on Me 
(Give Me Shelter, Book 1)

Zin Jackson's an officer with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, where she swings a sledge hammer to bust up the poker machines SLED confiscates with glee.

When offered the chance to bring down the crooked political figure behind the illegal gambling dens popping up all over her community, she doesn't anticipate reliving the worst night of her life in her quest to bring Brice Hammond to justice.

She’s not expecting the strong attraction to Ray Casey, the mailman and friend of Brice’s she’s using to get close to her quarry, either. She’s definitely not expecting Ray to be a master at shibari, the ancient Japanese art of sexual bondage.

During their stormy shibari sessions, Ray learns there's a bigger storm in Zin's future and it looks a lot like one in his past.

(IR-BDSM Nano project November, 2013)

Give Us Grace
(Give Me Shelter, Book 2)

Uninterested in studying for his bar exam, Bailey Hammond's spending time at the diner where Grace Rogers works, studying how to approach the little blonde waitress. But so is Virgil Tate, a former football standout.
When she intervenes to save a young black man from being assaulted, her eyewitness account puts Grace in the path of Brice Hammond, Bailey’s father and the local prosecutor.
Virgil didn’t commit the rape that sent him to prison, but he’s willing to commit murder to revenge the twisted thing Brice Hammond sets in motion to keep the public from learning his son's affair wasn't limited to sex with Grace.

(IR-BDSM Nano project, November 2013)

To Beat the Devil
(Give Me Shelter, Book 3)

Rochelle Wu’s been running from the boy next door for years. Jesse Hammond makes her want to do more than bad things with him—he makes her want to be weak when she’s anything but.
Their reunion might generate more heat than either can withstand—particularly when Jesse learns about the risks ‘Chelle’s been taking.

Can Jesse take her in hand without breaking her? It’s a delicate dance when the devil’s tune beats in your blood.
Jesse soon finds he has more on his plate than Rochelle’s waywardness. He’s used to doing what he can to mitigate the damage his father inflicts on two of Jesse’s half-brothers , but the old devil’s playing with Jesse's soul  when Brice turns a jaundiced eye on Rochelle.

(IR-BDSM Nano project, November 2013)


  1. Still very patiently waiting for the second book in this series...!

  2. Still very patiently waiting for the rest of the books in this series!!