Saturday, November 30, 2013

Contact ~ #SexySnippets

 Dont'cha just love that moment when the hero really sees--I mean really sees--the unlikely heroine?  When his defenses are down and it's like he's using someone else's eyes? That's happening in this snippet from Incidental Contact (Release date, Dec. 10th)

Raking his hair from his eyes, Eric pictured Amy in a dress. He imagined bending her over the back end of her car, flipping the hem up around her waist, and yanking down her panties. He just wasn't sure why. Habit, maybe. Or deprivation. Or the cute way she said “fucking”. Okay, so the jockey comment had him going. 

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thunder and Lightning ~ #SexySnippets

Back to Rain On Me for this week's snippet. I tossed what I'd written on this story and started the tale over with a new premise for Nano. That means...ta da! A new cover. The story is the first of a three-novella series, all featuring a bit of bondage and the same bad guy. 

My first orgasm was small, but the next was stronger and the one after that, stronger still. I cried out, begging him to stop--to fuck me--but all I got was the leisurely stroke of his tongue and the summer lightening summoned by that soft touch, when what I craved was thunder. His fingers gripped my hips and there was nothing I could do but take the sensations he forced into me. It was a subtle domination that hit me with the impact of a sledgehammer. I couldn't stop coming. Even when I wanted to withhold the orgasms, my body didn't listen to my mind. With my breasts thrust out, my thighs wet and wide, and him in total control of the most intimate part of me, I felt all the power shift to him, and the realization sent a shudder through me. 

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Imperfections ~ #SexySnippets

Sweet mother of God, I've finished Incidental Contact. (More about the delay after my #SexySnippet, if you're interested) Here's my seven, from the same title:

She’d seen him shirtless before, she just hadn't been expected to talk during the experience.

When he sat back, she eyed the rippling muscle and bronze skin. Not graduating suddenly meant little. What mattered was how she wanted to rub her nose in that perfect mat of dark hair on his chest. The urge was foreign, like someone else stuck the idea into her brain. She’d never been this close to male perfection. She wasn't sure she wanted to be, since their proximity gave him ample opportunity to see her imperfections, yet at the same time, she wanted to curl up against his strong chest.

Be sure to read the sexy snippets from the other participants. Check the links here, or follow on Twitter or Facebook

Okay, for those who've stuck around to hear why my daughter could have a baby in less time than it took me to birth this book, here goes:

I had Soft Sounds of Pleasure mostly written when I saw an open call for a Christmas short. I wrote Incidental Contact to those specifications. (At the time, it was titled Jingle Bells and the Last Oil Filter.) The story was accepted, then I learned the publisher wanted to publish books one and two first. Since Wildly Inappropriate was but a gleam in my eye at the time, much time passed before I looked at Amy and Eric's story again.

When the suggestion was made to expand the tale, I started writing. A lot of things had happened in WI that weren't accounted for in the Last Oil Filter, because I hadn't yet written Dan and Cynda's story.  Naturally, the story line deviated from the one in my head when I'd initially written Eric and Amy's tale.

I had a new version completed to about 70k when all hell broke loose at my publisher. I won't go into all the gory details, but it's very disheartening to hear someone thinks it's cool to expand their business using money due their authors, then 'borrow' more royalties from other authors to pay those he screwed the first time around. While I was fighting to have my rights to SSoP and WI returned for breach of contract (so said publisher would no longer have money of mine to take), Wildly Inappropriate alone was pirated over 10,000 times. (Thanks, Scribd.)

So that drama translated into three or four months when I wrote nothing. Frankly, those two things can suck out your soul if you allow it. In the meantime, I'd found a huge hole in the overall De Marco timeline. Draft one tried too hard to fix that mistake Draft two was better, but had too much emphasis on the wrong characters. Frustrated and tired of the story, I set it aside to pursue other projects.

Honestly? Eric and Amy's story is better for the delay. Every new version has kept the best of the prior one and new material kept coming. I'm thrilled to say the manuscript's in the hands of my editor now, and hopefully, in a month or less, those hard-core De Marco fans still out there will finally see Eric fall in love.

And boy, does he suffer to do it. I thought that was only fair. <grin>

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Relax and Let It Happen ~ #SexySnippets

My seven  sentences today come from Incidental Contact, Book 3 in the Devilish De Marco Men series. When Eric suggests they get wet, Amy's expecting a fiberglass big-boy-toy hot tub, not a pool made from a geothermal hot spring. And she sure didn't expect the small jet of water Eric parks her on top of in order to 'get that tense look off her face'.

“Relax, Amy, let it happen.”
The jet of water felt soft, yet the slender stream flayed her clit with insistent pressure. Holding her gaze, he rubbed his lips across one distended nipple. Raising his head, he worried the peak with the stubble on his chin. Each prickling scrape sent daggers into her core and when he nipped the hard bud, she cried out. The gentle torture made her frustration spiral until he took a soothing lick. The entire time, that forceful jet of water danced over her clit.

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