Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thunder and Lightning ~ #SexySnippets

Back to Rain On Me for this week's snippet. I tossed what I'd written on this story and started the tale over with a new premise for Nano. That means...ta da! A new cover. The story is the first of a three-novella series, all featuring a bit of bondage and the same bad guy. 

My first orgasm was small, but the next was stronger and the one after that, stronger still. I cried out, begging him to stop--to fuck me--but all I got was the leisurely stroke of his tongue and the summer lightening summoned by that soft touch, when what I craved was thunder. His fingers gripped my hips and there was nothing I could do but take the sensations he forced into me. It was a subtle domination that hit me with the impact of a sledgehammer. I couldn't stop coming. Even when I wanted to withhold the orgasms, my body didn't listen to my mind. With my breasts thrust out, my thighs wet and wide, and him in total control of the most intimate part of me, I felt all the power shift to him, and the realization sent a shudder through me. 

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