Sunday, November 3, 2013

Relax and Let It Happen ~ #SexySnippets

My seven  sentences today come from Incidental Contact, Book 3 in the Devilish De Marco Men series. When Eric suggests they get wet, Amy's expecting a fiberglass big-boy-toy hot tub, not a pool made from a geothermal hot spring. And she sure didn't expect the small jet of water Eric parks her on top of in order to 'get that tense look off her face'.

“Relax, Amy, let it happen.”
The jet of water felt soft, yet the slender stream flayed her clit with insistent pressure. Holding her gaze, he rubbed his lips across one distended nipple. Raising his head, he worried the peak with the stubble on his chin. Each prickling scrape sent daggers into her core and when he nipped the hard bud, she cried out. The gentle torture made her frustration spiral until he took a soothing lick. The entire time, that forceful jet of water danced over her clit.

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  1. Oh my, I think I might need a little lie down. This is a wonderful way to start a Sunday.

  2. Such a yummy snippet!!