Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dilemma--Peek into Soft Sounds of Pleasure #sixsunday

I'm almost to the end of Dan and Cynda's story, meaning I'm at the point where I want to kill them both for being wayward characters who keep wandering off-task...a frustration every writer feels at some point, yet a huge no-no in a romance. So, I decided to give them a rest and show you a peek into the beginning of Colton's love affair. You remember Colton, right? He's the brother who suggested last week that Dan burn down the farmhouse to get rid of the gremlins hiding large black dildos in the kitchen drawers. His and Lila's love story, Soft Sounds of Pleasure, is only a couple of weeks from being released. Let's take a peek:

He was almost to the back door when he stopped dead in his tracks. His conscience began screaming for him to turn around. Shrieking at him, in fact, to get the hell off this deck and go back to his truck.

But his legs were suddenly as rigid as his dick.
He could hear the thousand tiny devils begin sharpening their blades.
Because his abruptly short-circuited brain was sending the message to his already-primed cock that Lila Walker was lying in the sun on her very private deck, wearing nothing but an over-sized pair of sunglasses and a coat of coconut-scented oil.

Poor Colton. What's a man to do when he sees his favorite fantasy-fuck so exposed? Will he walk off that deck? Or will he take advantage of the situation? 
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh No! Not Dildo Gremlins! #sixsunday

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday, where I'm still working on Book 2 of the De Marco Men series. The working title for the book is Wildly Inappropriate.  I've managed to get Dan and Cynda well on their way to falling in love, and now it's time to factor in how the small southern town they live in will react to an interracial relationship--and for Daniel, that means his brothers, Eric and Colton. Their first introduction to Daniel's new playmate happens when Eric, the middle De Marco brother, stumbles onto a black dildo Cynda unthinkingly concealed in an oft-used kitchen drawer.

“Never saw that before in my life,” Dan growled, staring in horror at the softly gleaming column of black silicone in his brother's hand, unable to think of a lie. “E probably brought the damn thing as a joke and put it in that drawer himself.”
“Like hell I did,” Eric replied, making the head of the fake cock waggle. “Seriously, can you see me spending good money for this?” 
“You better call an exterminator, if you've got dildo gremlins, Dan.” Colton was laughing so hard Daniel could barely understand him, but thought he added, "Hell, in fact, you might need to burn the place down to be sure they’re gone." 

 Be sure to visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site for more exciting six sentence excerpts. It won't be much longer until Colton's story, the first in the series, entitled Soft Sounds of Pleasure, will be available from Silver Publishing. The e-book version is available for pre-order now.

Soft Sounds of Pleasure Blurb:
Lila Walker has batted lead-off in Colton De Marco's
fantasies for years, and now that he's stumbled upon her
sunbathing in the nude, he decides to take his best swing.
Coping with her ogre-in-law, her inability
to collect her late husband's life insurance, and the knowledge the
entire town’s counting the days she wears widow's weeds,
Lila decides some between-the-sheets batting practice is just the distraction
she needs--even if their sexy scrimmage won’t last the summer.
But is she missing Colton's signals that he's in it to win it?
And can Colton knock it out of the park with the attractive widow
before his thirteen-year-old nephew’s foul attitude
gets Colton thrown out of the game? 

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday again already? Welcome back. I'm still hard at work on Dan and Cynda's story, Book 2 of Those Devilish De Marco Men series, so I'll share a bit of what's happened with them since last week, when Dan found Cynda chained to the bumper of his truck.  Kinglsey Dazza, a loan shark who's illegally holding the title to her grandmother's house, swears he'll tear up the note her Grams owes him if Cynda can convince Dan De Marco to sell him a piece of his land. Dan isn't planning on selling the land, but he is interested in having Cynda stick around long enough to play a little game.  Cynda agrees, and Daniel has her sign a contract. Let's peek in on the moment when Cynda agrees to two weeks that will change more in their lives than either of them could possibly suspect.

“Take off that damn collar, and sign your name to this contract.”

Cynda couldn’t unbuckle the collar fast enough. Dropping it on his desk, she bent to sign her name neatly on the line he drew beneath his careless scrawl.

“How much is your commission?” he asked, sliding his hand over the swell of her ass.

“Nineteen thousand dollars,” she murmured, focused suddenly on the way her pussy was growing wet as his strong hand continued its massage. Something about signing a contract stating she couldn’t refuse his touch made his fondling all the more  exciting.

Something tells me Cynda will soon discover she's let Daniel stack the deck in his favor. 
But we all know better than to underestimate a woman, don't we? Daniel's mother, Cammie De Marco, simply walked  out the back door one night when Daniel was ten, and never came back. Along with his brothers, Eric and Colton, the De Marco men feel their mother's abandonment has led to their issues with women. I'm sure Mother's Day is a sad day indeed for these three men, as well as for their orphaned nephew Jonah, the son of the sister they lost a few months ago when Sarah was killed in a carjacking. Here's hoping I can manage to get them all their Happily Ever After before another Mother's Day rolls around.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cover Reveal & Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday. 
This week, I've been working on Book 2 of the De Marco Men series, since I have a publication date, final edits and cover art from Silver Publishing for Book One, Soft Sounds of Pleasure, due to be released this June.
Book Two is as yet untitled, but it's the story of Dan De Marco and Cynda Avery, the young woman Dan finds chained to the bumper of his truck. I decided to post the opening six sentences:

The color of her skin combined with the chain stretching from her slender neck to the hitch on the bumper of his Chevy truck hit Daniel De Marco like a punch to the gut. His truck was black, the factory paint a color that he’d been told was the absence of all light. The woman could be described as black too, but showcased against his truck, her skin defied the label. She was a rich brown, with depths of shade that varied from her shoulders to her tummy to elbows to her knees--a kaleidoscope of darkness which seemed more to him like the presence of all color.
She was also half-naked. Early morning sun caressed her curves and her costume, both delighting and annoying him. She wore a lime-colored tube top with black stripes that frankly hurt his eyes. 


Cover Reveal for Soft Sounds of Pleasure, the story which introduces the De Marco brothers, and tells the story of the youngest brother, Colton, and the married woman he's always admired from a distance.

Lila figures her hot hook-ups with handsome, younger Colton won’t
outlast his nephew’s baseball season.
Colton wants a home run with Lila, but thirteen-year-old Jonah’s
being foul, Lila’s loyal heart won’t let him pinch-hit for her dead husband,
and the whole town seems to be keeping score.
Game on.

In other news, I've been contracted to join the editing staff at Silver Publishing, a position I'll begin as soon as Dan and Cynda's manuscript has been completed and submitted.

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