Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday again already? Welcome back. I'm still hard at work on Dan and Cynda's story, Book 2 of Those Devilish De Marco Men series, so I'll share a bit of what's happened with them since last week, when Dan found Cynda chained to the bumper of his truck.  Kinglsey Dazza, a loan shark who's illegally holding the title to her grandmother's house, swears he'll tear up the note her Grams owes him if Cynda can convince Dan De Marco to sell him a piece of his land. Dan isn't planning on selling the land, but he is interested in having Cynda stick around long enough to play a little game.  Cynda agrees, and Daniel has her sign a contract. Let's peek in on the moment when Cynda agrees to two weeks that will change more in their lives than either of them could possibly suspect.

“Take off that damn collar, and sign your name to this contract.”

Cynda couldn’t unbuckle the collar fast enough. Dropping it on his desk, she bent to sign her name neatly on the line he drew beneath his careless scrawl.

“How much is your commission?” he asked, sliding his hand over the swell of her ass.

“Nineteen thousand dollars,” she murmured, focused suddenly on the way her pussy was growing wet as his strong hand continued its massage. Something about signing a contract stating she couldn’t refuse his touch made his fondling all the more  exciting.

Something tells me Cynda will soon discover she's let Daniel stack the deck in his favor. 
But we all know better than to underestimate a woman, don't we? Daniel's mother, Cammie De Marco, simply walked  out the back door one night when Daniel was ten, and never came back. Along with his brothers, Eric and Colton, the De Marco men feel their mother's abandonment has led to their issues with women. I'm sure Mother's Day is a sad day indeed for these three men, as well as for their orphaned nephew Jonah, the son of the sister they lost a few months ago when Sarah was killed in a carjacking. Here's hoping I can manage to get them all their Happily Ever After before another Mother's Day rolls around.

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  1. Very hot Eden! Can't wait to read on!

    1. Thank you Gemma, and I'll be along to check your out too, soon as I eat a huge piece of the cake my daughter made me for Mother's Day ;-)