Sunday, September 21, 2014

We're Celebrating the Ndulgent Bloggers' 4th BLOGiversary!

We're Celebrating the Ndulgent Bloggers' 4th BLOGiversary!

4 Years of Reviews. 4 Years of Supporting Authors. 4 Years of Great Books. 4 Huge Bags o' Swag.

I began writing about the time Ndulgent began reviewing. Over the years, they've been very supportive of my work, as they have many other authors. Happy birthday, Ndulgent, and here's to many, many more years!

To help celebrate, I'm giving away an e-copy copy of my latest release, TuDawgs.

 Welcome to TuDawgs. Our county fair booth is now serving one very bad girl, sautéed in scandal and peppered with regrets. We grill her with relentless cops and reporters, top her with a choice, all-beef carnival worker, and slather on the heart-stopping hook-ups. Then we add a generous dollop of old flames and make the stakes mile-high. What’s that? You want a cotton-candy ending for your bad girl? That’ll cost her extra. Don’t say I spilled the secret ingredient, but the carnie’s running a rigged game.

Since the story is set at the county fair, just leave me a comment below, telling me your favorite thing about the fair and your e-mail address. Will it be the food, the displays, the rides? 
For my character, it was the hot carnie she met on opening day. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

(Excerpt) One Night Stand by M.O. Kenyan ~ Release Day!

I'm in love with the cover art of every book in this series.
It's release day again for M.O. Kenyan. Book 3 of her New Yorker series is out today.

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The technicalities of a one night stand are usually, you meet a person at a bar, club or pub. You get a sexual vibe then you take off to a motel, the car or to their apartment. Then early in the morning someone sneaks out and you never see each other again. Rich had perfected the art, he didn't expect to see Catalella again, but life has a funny way of surprising you. Catalella ends up being his lawyer and more than that she's got a gift for him, one that he will get in nine months.

“Where is your boyfriend?” Rosalinda asked.
“My what?” The question had caught Catalella off guard. She hoped that her shock didn’t show. What exactly was she supposed to tell them now? “Oh him, he’s back in the city.”
“Who is he? Does he have a name?” Adrian asked, his eyes searching his daughter’s face.
“Uh-huh…Rich—” she gulped, “—ard.”
“Does Rich-ard, have a last name?”

He pushed his way into the apartment, his hands demanding every inch of Catalella. He thought she would resist him but she couldn’t, and when her arms wrapped around his neck that was all he could take. He kicked the door closed and lifted Catalella. He led her to the dining table and a wave of déjà vu hit him. Rich laid her flat on the table and released her lips so that he could take his jacket off. But, as he did, his eyes caught sight of the literature on the table.
At first he thought they were a bunch of novels until he saw the words ‘Your first baby’ on one of the books. He stepped back from her, releasing his mind from the hazy cloud of desire. He walked to the other end of the table and picked up the book.
“I thought you said you couldn’t get pregnant?”

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

TuDawgs Hits #1 on Release Day... Thank You!

Wow, what a release! Thanks so much for making TuDawgs the #1 bestselling IR erotic romance on Amazon the day of launch! It's still hanging out at #2. 
Read for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. There seems to be some confusion about the KU plan. Yes, authors get paid when you borrow their titles and read past the 10% mark, so don't feel like you're screwing me by borrowing through KU. I love the program!
I found this handy-dandy Kindle preview script, so check out the Amazon story preview right here.
If you bought it, if you read it, please don't forget to leave a review! Love it, hate it, I want to know. 

If you're waiting to buy, please add TuDawgs to your Goodreads shelf.