Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rebel Ink Press Summer Heat Flash Event & Cover Reveal

Welcome to the Rebel Ink Press Summer Heat Flash Fiction event, where all the Rebel writers are flashing you this weekend with 250 words based on the same photo prompt. Drop by the Rebel Ink blog and register for a chance to win a Grand Prize of $25 in Rebel Ink .PDF titles.

Random commenter will win an ARC copy of my current release, Soft Sounds Of Pleasure. I'll use the Draw Straws online app to choose the winner, same as always. 
Just leave a comment about the cover for When a Soldier Cries or the flash piece, AND a valid e-mail address to be entered in the drawing.

I've chosen to write my flash based on characters appearing in my upcoming Rebel Ink Press release, When a Soldier Cries. This scene does not appear in the story. In fact, it's set the evening before the story opens. Major Tanner Caldwell, a Special Ops Marine--the Corps call them MARSOC Marines--is undercover in a juvenile prison in North Carolina, trying to get information about a terrorist from the man's incarcerated teenage son. But it's the prison psychiatrist that's making this tough soldier sweat. When not at work, he has plenty of time to kill, and he spends it worrying about two things, how to get the juvenile, Cotton Covington, to open up about his father, and how to melt the icy shrink, Dr. Victoria Banks. You know what the Marines say: Semper Fi, Do or Die. Tonight, Tanner's in a take-no-prisoners mood.

Tanner flopped onto the bed in his dingy motel room, lotion at the ready, hard and aching. Tonight, he imagined the prison shrink wearing red high heels and nothing else. He saw himself cross the room to press her against the wall, pulling one of her legs around his waist. This time—god yes—this time, those odd-colored eyes always seeming to find him lacking would be glazed with lust rather than ice. They’d widen when he ground his cock forcefully against her to punish her for all the times she’d looked down her little nose at him. He’d nip at her hardening nipples. She’d get no tenderness from him.

No, for all the sleepless nights she’d given him and for all the days she’d looked at him like something to scrape from her shoe, he’d push into her quickly, using jabs with just his cockhead to give her time to get wet before slamming in to the hilt and setting a merciless tempo. He’d grab that pert ass, making her wrap both legs around him. His fist tightened in imitation of how her pussy would clench his invading cock. He’d bite those pale lips and she’d emit breathless moans as he fucked her, right there against the wall.

He came, imagining her sobs. “Oh, Tanner, yes.”

Words he’d never hear. She knew him as Max, newbie juvenile corrections officer and someone she saw as beneath her. Worse, his mission depended on his getting into her
head, not her pants.

This seems the perfect time to unveil the gorgeous cover for When a Soldier Cries.

 Most men would rather face the Taliban than a woman’s tears.
Special Forces Marine Tanner Caldwell has faced the Taliban a few times, so the attractive psychiatrist he meets while undercover in a prison should be an easy night’s work. During their one sizzling evening together, Tanner learns to hate the look Dr. Victoria Banks gets on her face when she’s trying not to cry. He leaves her, but he can’t forget her. Men like him go to war so women like her never have to wear that look.
Fate intervenes when Tanner receives orders to protect Tori from a bomber. While they have more baggage between them than a passenger jet, the bad-ass Marine is shocked to learn he’s added to hers in an unusual way. Nevertheless, their affair picks up where they left off and every day spent around Tori brings Tanner one day closer to the realization that he loves her and that no woman should have to be as brave as her. And one day closer to the day when duty calls him away.
 When Tanner learns the bomber wasn’t Tori’s biggest threat, he’ll have to face something far scarier than the Taliban. He’s going to have to face his past--and hers-- in order to breach the walls they’ve both been living behind. Tori believes that when a soldier cries, angels stop to listen. Tanner hopes that’s true because in order to heal the soul of the woman he loves, Tanner’s going to have to make Tori cry.
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WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Short Straws has selected Susan W as the winner of a copy of Soft Sounds of Pleasure. (link to drawing). Congratulations, Susan, I'll be e-mailing you shortly. Sincere thanks to all who dropped by, and especially to those who've left comments. I'm looking forward to the release of When a Soldier Cries, and plan to flash you a bit more with Tanner and Tori in the future.


  1. Wow - way to draw me into that book with a prequel. Thanks!!

  2. I loved the little prequel thing you had, it sure made me want to read your book. Your cover for When a Solider Cries would have pulled me in if I didn't know anything about the book.

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  3. Love it! I'll definitely be reading the book when it's published - great cover too.
    Hugs xx

  4. It's great that you could put it into your story! :)

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  6. Definitely hooked me into When A Soldier Cries, oh and the cover is gorgeous.


  7. That was a great preview for the book! I'll be reading this book!

  8. Hi! Great snippet! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome hop! Have a great night!

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