Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Holding My Heroes Hostage in A Hero's Blog Hop

I pause with my hand on the door of Heartthrob Haven, looking over my shoulder. Relaxing a bit when I see my three hostages still with me, I give them a smile designed to be reassuring. "This Heroes Blog Hop will be fun," I promise.

The closest man to me, Colton De Marco, sighs. I see the plea his hazel eyes. "Why do I have to come here, again? I mean, Jonah's at baseball camp this week, Eden. That gives me time alone with Lila. You know we have to beg, borrow, and steal time alone because of my nephew."

Behind him, his older brother Daniel chokes out a laugh. "Beg, borrow and steal? Gimme a break, C. If I had a dollar for every time that kid's almost walked in on me and Cynda, I could bribe Eden to let me out early. I think y'all kick him out of the house every time you guys feel like—" Daniel glances over his shoulder at the third man, a man these brothers don't know. "Um…gettin' frisky."

The man in the rear rolls his brown eyes, rubbing his hand over close-cropped brown hair. "I'm a Marine. You can say 'fuck' in front of me." Impatiently, he shuffles his feet, encased in tan suede boots. "Can we get this show on the road, Eden? I left Tori back in D.C. and you know a terrorist has it in for her family."

I open the door and they file past me, looking around curiously. Gesturing toward the three folding director's chairs in the center of the room, I add helpfully, "Find the one with your name on the back and get comfortable. Some readers will be dropping in and they might ask you guys some questions." Frowning at Tanner, I add, "I'm not so sure I want to hear you use the F-word to our guests."

He straightens the shirt collar of his desert fatigues and saunters past. "I guess you should've made me a Boy Scout then, Miss Writer Chick." But he winks.

He takes the center chair. I wonder at his motive for separating the De Marco brothers, but keep quiet. Colton takes the seat to Tanner's left and Tanner turns in his seat to give Colton's jeans and white t-shirt a hard look. I can see his gaze pause at Colton's hands, the nicks and cuts identifying him as a working guy. "Must get pretty cold where you're from, huh?"

Daniel cautiously lowers his large frame into the flimsy folding contraption, answering for his brother. "No, I wouldn't say it gets that cold in South Carolina."

Tanner turns to glance at Dan. "Then why the fuck's his hair so long?"

Dan flashes a confident grin, not intimidated in the least by Tanner. He reads the name tape across the chest of the other man's fatigues. "Because, Caldwell, he likes it that way." His shoulders begin to shake and he soon splutters with laughter."Hold your ass until our last book comes out, soldier boy. I hear Lila's gonna give Colton a flyer from Locks of Love. He'll shave his head if that's what his woman wants." Stretching his legs, he adds, "I can't wait to hear the shit our middle brother Eric gives him for that, either."

Colton leans forward suddenly, staring past Tanner at Daniel, then cuts his eyes toward me. "Is that true, Eden? Does Lila want me to cut my hair?"

Dan's still laughing. "You'll do it. Don't try to pretend you won't."

"So," I asked, pointing to Daniel, "are you saying there's something you wouldn't do for Cynda?"

Tanner flashes me a grin when Dan gapes at me. The oldest De Marco brother's laughter trails off and he fidgets with the buttons on his red button-down shirt. I smirk inwardly. Cynda's been shopping.

I'm trying hard not to smile outright when I offer, "Name one thing you wouldn't do for the woman I gave you and I'll  let you leave the Heroes Hop early." They look at each other silently, then each one sneaks a wary glance at me, trying to decide whether I'm bluffing.

While they're thinking, allow me to tell you about the Heroes Blog Hop. each author will have her--or his--own contest and prizes, and there are over a hundred authors participating in this hop. 

And there's more.

There are 3 Grand Prize giveaways for the Blog Hop itself:
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(My contest information is at the end of my conversation with my three heroes.)

"You guys do realize she can take them away with one sentence?" Tanner mutters, narrowing his gaze at me. "And she'll damn sure tell them what we say."

Ah, that's right, think like a Marine, Tanner. You're always on the lookout for trouble, aren't you? Expecting the worst? Thinking in terms of loss, and terrorists, and the sudden change in fortunes war can bring?  I can't tell him what's in store for him and the Navy psychiatrist. Not yet. "You don't have a release date, Tanner," I point out. "When a Soldier Cries has only a blurb and cover art."

Colton is staring at me. "Please don't take Lila, Eden. You know how long I waited for her. Please, let me keep her. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. You know that."

I do know, Colton. I know you admired Lila from afar for a decade. Don't let the big, bad Marine get in your head. He's good at that. "So, if she asks you to get a haircut?"

"What time does the barber shop open?" His gaze is steady.

"Cynda and I have a release date," Daniel interrupts. "September 8th." Shaking his head, he smiles. "I gotta admit, it threw me at first that you sent a hot little black chick to rock my world."

"Well, at your age, Daniel, I had to send someone--"

"Wildly Inappropriate?" he supplies.

With a shrug, I point out, "Something had to take the heat off Lila. The whole town was whispering behind her back."

"About what?" Tanner demands. "Is Lila some kind of traitor?"

"People think so." Colton sounds miserable. "See, her husband died, and she started seeing me before her widow's year was up." He shifts in his seat. "They don't stop to count the three years Pete was paralyzed from the neck down, either. Oh, no, they count from the day the poor man died."

Tanner stares at him in amazement, as if trying to decide whether or not Colton's serious. "Fuck that," the Marine finally growls. "Tomorrow, you or she could be the one dying. Dude, if you love her and she loves you, fuck everybody else." Turning to stare at Daniel, he adds, "I guess they're giving you hell down there in South Carolina about your woman being black?" He leans back against the wide canvas strap behind him, crossing one boot over the other. "I've seen plenty of men bleed. Black ones, white ones, brown ones. We all bleed the same shade of red."

Daniel is looking at me. "She won't take them away, C. Not after the way she made us turn ourselves inside out to earn 'em. Eden won't do that."

"What have you done for your lady lately?" I ask, smothering a yawn.

"I let her be exactly who she is." Colton is the first to speak. "You know Lila's never had that before, Eden."

Nodding slightly, I look past Tanner to stare pointedly at Daniel.

He runs a hand through his dark waves, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "Okay, I know I can be hard to live with. Demanding." 

I raise my brows and reach for my purse, digging out a small pad and a pen. "You think?" I don't smile, although I want to, at the sight of such a big man squirming.

"Yes, dammit. I know I like things done my way, but Eden, Cynda…she's…she's that piece of me that makes me make sense. She's the one thing in my life that makes me feel...not wrong. She's the real color in my world, so whatever you're thinking, you need to stop thinking it, right now." His large hands clutch the flimsy wooden arms on his seat. I see his knuckles are white. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. She likes giving me the control. I swear to God, she does. Just ask her."

Silently, I look at Tanner. He's staring at me, his head lowered, his elbows propped on his knees. "Tori's been through enough, Eden. First she lost her mother and little brother on 9/11, and then you know what her bastard of an ex did to her."

I nod but don't speak.

"So, if you come for Tori," his eyes bore into mine, "you better bring some fucking help. You're gonna need it."

Thank you for dropping in.  I'm giving away two free copies of Colton and Lila's story, Soft Sounds of Pleasure for every twenty entries. In order to qualify for the drawing I'll hold at the end of the Hop, just leave a comment with a valid e-mail address.


If you ask one of these guys a question, I'll enter your name twice in each drawing. Every entrant may win only once. I use the Draw Straws application to select the winners and they will be posted within 24 hours of the end of the hop, by midnite (EDT) August 2nd. This is an international contest; anyone worldwide may win. Prize is in PDF e-book format, readable on any PC or e-reader.

More information about the De Marco brother's series, published by Silver Publishing.
More information about When a Soldier Cries, published by Rebel Ink Press.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT:  I had 43 people to comment and leave an email address, so thats a total of four copies of Soft Sounds of Pleasure I'll  give away, PLUS, those who asked one or more of my heroes a question will be entered in their own separate second-chance drawing, if they don't win in Round 1.

Results of Drawing 1: Draw Straws selected the following four winners: 
Tamsyn, Jessica, rubyswan, and Donna Cummings  (link to drawing results)
Second-Chance Drawing Results-- for those who asked my heroes a question. Since there were seventeen of you, and that's awfully close to twenty, I chose to have Draw Straws select two winners, and those were: 
Yvette and The Brunette Librarian (link to drawing results)


  1. Great post, Eden. Love how you've got your heroes together for this bloghop. They all sound inteersting and very individual.

  2. I love how you brought the heros together to HeartThrob Haven. Great interview! krystalshannan(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. As always, you are amazing. I enjoyed that little visit, being reminded of how much those men love their women!!!! Please, don't enter me in the draw, as I've already got a copy of Soft Sounds of Pleasure and would hate to take away from someone who has not yet had the privilege of reading it. As always, your talent amazes me, and I truly enjoyed this extra glimpse of Colton, Tanner and Daniel. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  4. I love your three heroes. Colton sounds so insecure, though. Why the insecurity, Colton?

    jlhmass at yahoo dot com

    1. "Colton, where are you? This reader asked you a question."

      "Sorry, Eden, and Jlh, I sneaked out to give Lila a call. My mother left before I turned two, just turned her back on us four kids and never looked back. My older brothers kinda gave me the impression that women don't stick around through the hard times, so I guess you could say we all have commitment issues.

      But Lila, well, I watched her stick it out through some harder times with Pete than anything I think my dad could ever have put my mom through, so I know she's special."

  5. LOVE your three heroes. i'd love to help w/ the insecurity and colton!

  6. I'm curious, Tanner: did growing up with two brothers help you adjust to life as a Marine, or is that a totally different dynamic?


    1. "Tanner, you have the floor."

      "These two guys aren't my bothers, ma'am, they're just some other fellas Eden wrote about in a different book. I think she's stuck me in this little room with two civilians just to make me thank God I'm a Marine. I have one brother. His name is Tristan and I'm proud to say he followed me into the Corps and is currently assigned to my unit.

      Thanks for the question, ma'am. I think the boss lady is assigning brownie point for those. Semper Fi!"

  7. Great interview! Thanks for participating in the hop!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  8. Love your hunky heroes after reading the interview I so want to read the books. Thanks you.


  9. I loved Colton and Lila's story, and can't wait to read about these other, sexy guys, now that we've been introduced. Great interview!

  10. Great interview - even if under duress. Daniel: I'm curious since I'm in an interracial relationship and live in the south - who is more "judgmental" of your relationship in the people you encounter when you are together - (looks, comments, body language) those of your race - or hers? And then - Men or Women? (I have my ideas from my experience - just curious about yours, or even if it's something that is going to be dealt with)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. "Dan, I'd appreciate it if you and Tanner could please stop eyeballing each other and you could answer this reader's question."

      "Hi iamindeed. Seems to me that age is the biggest predictor of who's gonna try and judge me and Cynda. Younger folks seem less likely to look at us sideways than older ones, but older white women eyeball us a good bit, too. In our story, I had to set a few young black dudes straight over that. Around here, folks still fly that rebel flag, and I was shocked to find out the Klan still existed. We had a little brush with them, too, or rather, Cynda and Lila did. I guess the thing that affected me most was how differently I was treated by the police after they figured out Cynda wasn't my maid.

      I really didn't appreciate the shit Lila gets for dating Colton--see, she's about eleven years older than him--until I met Cynda.

      Can't figure out how folks think they have a right to dictate who a man loves, but I think they need to spend more time in their own bedrooms and get their noses outta mine. Steppin' out of line in a small southern town like ours is a fast way to get attention. But until now, the closest I ever came to discrimination was watching the way people underestimate Colton because of how long he grows his hair."

  11. Can I ask a question of each hero? Okay, guys, boxers or briefs?
    Thanks for the fun blog hop! Can't wait to read the books!

    1. "Readers rule here, Jennifer, you can ask them anything you like."

      Colton: "Hi, Jennifer. I wear boxers."
      Daniel: "Hey, Jennifer, I wear boxers, too."
      Tanner: "Thank you for the question, ma'am. At boot camp, the Corps gave me boxers. Never saw a reason to change. If it's good enough for the Marines, it's good enough for me."

  12. Enjoyed reading the post and the interview. Your heroes are all unique and the heroines are special too. I married a man of a different race and we have been together for almost 30 years. I can understand the problems involved.

    Question to Tanner, the marine - do you have tattoos?

    Thanks for the giveaway and for the awesome bloghop.

    1. "It's okay to answer, and to explain, Tanner."

      "I have no tattoos, Tansyn, ma'am. I'm an officer as well as a MARSOC Marine. That's the name of the Corps' division of Special Ops. If I get captured behind enemy lines while infiltrating under cover as a local, any tattoos might give me away as an American. To make Reconnaissance and then MARSOC was my goal from the day I enlisted, so I never got any ink."

  13. All of your heroes sound delicious. I love a military man but my question is for Daniel. Do you think people judge your relationship unfairly because it isn't as mainstream? Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. Daniel laces his fingers together on top of his head, eyes narrowing thoughtfully. "I see a few interracial couples around town, but not nearly as many as I think might be in other places. South Carolina is the most conservative state, I hear. To me, that's starting to mean if it's different from the way things have always been, it has to be wrong." He grins. "Cray thing is, this place has a church for every two hundred and fifty residents, you'd think there'd be more tolerance."

      Colton speaks up. "You're stealing Lila's lines, Dan."

      Daniel laughs, his broad shoulders bumping into Tanner's. "Look around, C. Do you see Lila?"

    2. "Oh, and thank you for the question Katlyn,and for dropping in to visit. I apologize for getting sidetracked pickin' on my little brother and forgetting my manners."

  14. Love the characters...question...who has the more dominant personality and who gives in the most?

    1. "Gentlemen, who wants to go first?"

      Colton: "I will,so I can beat Dan to the punch. He'd say it was me who gives in the most. I don't waste my time debating the small stuff with Lila. When I became the guardian for my sister's son, I had no idea how to be a parent. So, I defer to Lila about all parenting issues." He cuts a hard look at me. "And after that little bomb Eden dropped on us in your story, I somehow don't see that changing." He smirks, adding "I hope she throws you a curve ball too, Dan, but frankly, what I'm looking forward to the most is to see what kind of woman Eden sends to drop our other brother Eric to his knees."

      Daniel: (laughing) "Amen. Whoever the woman may be who knocks Eric on his ass, I like her already. As for the question, Yvette, I'd have to admit, I'm the most dominant man in this room. All the responsibility for the family, our land and our business, fell to me after our father died, and I'm comfortable in that role."

      Tanner: "I'm not sure what you're asking, Yvette. I'm a major in the Marine Corps. I routinely go behind enemy lines, I'm a highly skilled sniper, and I command a team of MARSOC Marines. We've been to the Middle East more times than I've been to the local mall. I dunno if that's dominance. Tori calls me an adrenaline junkie; I call it taking care of business, and my business is counteracting terrorism.

      If you mean am I dominant and demanding with Tori, the answer to that would be no. She's the gentlest soul you'd ever want to meet, and she's a Navy psychiatrist. If she were a civilian, that might be a cushy job paying big bucks, but in the military, it means she spends her time reliving other people's nightmares, when I think she has one too many nightmares of her own. Someone who'd volunteer to do that is pretty damn special, in my book. She was also in an abusive marriage with a SEAL, so all I want to do is protect her from the people who'd try and hurt her, and try to help her see how special she is."

  15. Sounds great. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.
    Enjoy the hop.

  16. Colton, I'd love to hear a little bit more about your heroine! :) She sounds lovely!

    brunettelibrarian AT gmAil . c0m
    The Brunette Librarian Blog

    1. "I see that smile, Colton's giving you, Brunette Librarian. I think you just made the man's day. Colton? You want to tell our reader about Lila?"

      Colton: "I sure do. Me, Dan, and my other brother Eric run a garage in town, and I admit, I used to watch Lila whenever she'd bring her truck in to be worked on. My brothers and I get hit on by all kinds of women, but Lila always pulled out her book and read. The day I met her, I knew she was married, but she was the kind of married that made you believe in the concept. She's crazy about baseball, and she has a dry sense of humor, and when Lila believes in something, you better believe, she puts her whole heart into it, and that's a damn big heart.

      I can probably explain her best by telling you about her little business. She takes broken junk and turns it into the most incredible furniture. She just seems to have this knack for looking at a thing someone threw out and seeing something no one else can see. Her son Charlie once said that when Lila saw potential in something, she never stopped until everyone else could see what she saw. I think that about sums her up. She's not afraid to commit to a project, or to a person when she sees potential. My nephew is one of her projects. Jonah was miserable after his mother died and I had to move him from LA to South Carolina. He was rude and sullen and didn't make any effort in school.

      Unlike me, Lila wouldn't cut that kid any slack. She just kept sanding away at the wall of self-pity he was building around himself, and now, he not only loves her, he respects her. She's proved to him, I guess, that she sees the potential in him, and frankly, one thing most men need that they won't admit to needing, is to know there's a woman who believes in them. Just one woman like that is enough to change a man's entire world, and my Lila, well, from where I sit, she's done that for a few men now, from her husband and son to me and Jonah.

      She's worried about silly stuff like getting crow's feet and gray hair and worries about when I'm going to decide I need to trade her in on a newer model, but what she doesn't know is that I was always worried I was too pretty on the outside for her to bother trying to see the potential in me. So, I guess I need to thank Jonah for being enough of a pain in the ass to get us both on her radar. I just keep her real close and try to be one of those things she believes in."

  17. I have a question for all the guys, do you prefer women to wear bikini pantys, boy shorts or a thong? landing strip, smooth or trimmed?
    Thanks Carin

    1. Colton: "Lila waxes herself completely, and I do like her bare. She busy whatever panties are on sale, I think, and I never let her keep 'em on long enough to notice one way or the other."

      Tanner: "Tori just keeps herself trimmed around the edges. She's a natural blonde, and I'm kind of partial to seeing those light curls. To me that says she's an adult female and she's comfortable in that role. She has to walk too much at work, going up and down those long corridors at Bethesda would probably turn a thong into an instrument of torture, but her cute little bikinis are always trimmed with lace, probably because wearing a uniform isn't that feminine. So, these days, that's what I like, and thank you for the question, Carin."

      Daniel: "I don't allow Cynda to wear any kind of panties, and I shave her myself."

  18. Love the interview. Putting all these stories on my TBR list


  19. good interview

  20. Great interview with the hero's! I grew uip in a small town and I know how judgemental they can be. Daniel, I was wondering if any of the people in your town who were against your relationship with Cynda are coming around?
    I have Soft Sound of Pleasure up to be read on my Kindle. Looks like I'm moving it to the top of the list!


    1. Daniel: "Thanks for asking Susan, but so far, seems we've ruffled more feathers than we've smoothed. Not much happens around here, so I guess me and Cynda will be the object of scorn until someone else steps off the straight and narrow, so they can look sideways at them instead of us."

  21. That was a fun post. Ok, so Tanner, what do you do to show your woman you appreciate her?
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    1. Tanner: "Thank you for the question Julianne, ma'am. I rub her feet, and clean up the water that crazy wildcat of hers knocks out of his bowl. And, when her stepfather and her half-sister are around, making her feel inadequate, I admit, I try to turn the tables on them every chance I get. My Tori just doesn't have it in her to take them on herself, but (chuckle) they aren't exactly the Taliban, you know? It makes her laugh to see her family get knocked down a peg or two. Her stepfather's a senator and her sister Talley is a spoiled Beltway Princess, so it's no great hardship for me to yank their chain. Did I mention I rub her feet?"

  22. Between the three, I'm very interested in Tanner's story.
    bituin76 AT hotmail DOT com

    1. Thank you Jan, that's nice to hear. Sometimes, you write the story, and sometimes, the story writes on you. I have to admit, the research I did in order to write When a Soldier Cries changed me. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the sacrifices our armed forces make to serve. They risk a lot more than death and I can only hope I did everyone who has ever served in the military justice within the bounds of Tanner and Tori's love story. I appreciate you dropping in :)

  23. Ah,I love the banter between these guys! :)
    I definitely want to know more :)
    Enjoy the blog hop!

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  24. I really enjoyed your post! Thanks for being a part of the hop and sharing.

  25. since you did nt have the book cover i like to ask some question if i can i like the sound of the book and it sound hot
    but do you do trading cards or book mark of the book you have.
    and then are the book in b n
    desi the blonde at msn dot com

    1. Hi desitheblonde :)

      I don't have swag as yet, but Barnes and Noble is one of Silver Publishing's retail outlets. The BN link for Soft Sounds of on the De Marco series page on this blog. Thanks for dropping in.

  26. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Loved the interview with these three alphas! Thank you for sharing a part of them.
    Daniel.....Have you ever told Cynda that she does it for you/completes you as a whole?
    By the way, I'm definitely adding these reads to my TBR list. Thank goodness for Goodreads. I can keep them in one spot & not lose the paper.

    1. "I love when Dan gets that sheepish look on his face, so I owe you one for this question jessiel. Dan?"

      Daniel: "I did tell her, toward the end of our story. I also gave her something to remember that conversation by, because I know I will never say it enough."

  28. OK definitely want to know more about these guys...Especially Daniel and Cynda, could you tell me more about this taking control? it sound so intriguing...

    1. "Oh, he'd be delighted to tell you, CeNedria."

      Daniel: "I know I'm a dinosaur but I don't want my woman to work. I want her at home, making a home, and raising our children, when we have them. I'm old-fashioned, but I'm too old to change. I only like vanilla in ice cream, and 'no' is not a word allowed about anything sexual. I love controlling when and how my woman gets off, and I'm, creative in the bedroom.

      But, I think I earn that control. My woman will never want for anything she needs, and that goes for her emotions as well."

      Smirking in my direction, he adds, "I have a way for her to gauge whether or not she's being neglected, at one glance, an intimate service I preform for her. I return the devotion I require tenfold...and, if I fall short," he sighs gustily, "Lila's always around to yank my chain and let me know I've fucked up."

  29. enjoyed the exerpt thanks for sharing and a chance to win hope you are enjoying your summer

  30. You picked such a wonderful way to share your heroes with us, Eden.

    Thanks for participating in the hop.

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  31. Wonderful interview, Lovin the hop, Thanks for participating!

  32. Great interview! Thanks for being a part of the hop!! raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  33. My question would be for the brothers: Do you have an idea of the perfect woman for your 3rd brother?
    Thanks so much for the giveaway. I have followed via GFC: June M. and will have to check out your books. I loved the heroes (and love character interviews).
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Colton: "I want him to fall so hard he needs emergency CPR, and hope the woman has the self-esteem to make him crawl on his belly like a dog. I'll buy the popcorn and kick back and watch that any day."

      Daniel laces his hands atop his head and squints at the ceiling. "Never happen like that. E's too insecure, Colton. That's why he always leaves first, so they can't leave him." Heaving a sigh, he adds, "His fear of abandonment comes from our mother leaving when we were small. Our father never looked at another woman, and he suffered like hell, wanting her back. Eric's made up his mind that's never gonna happen to him.

      So, if he falls, it'll because that woman has proved to him she thinks he's worth sticking to. But I do second the CPR notion, little brother. I'd love to see his dumb ass squirm myself.

      Mostly, though, I want him to experience what you and I have found, C. I was jealous of you from the first day you and Lila hooked up. Remember all the shit Eric gave you over Lila? Yeah, looking back, I think he was jealous of you, too. It's not as though you hid how you felt about Lila very well, so when you shocked us both by going after her, he said he didn't want you and the kid to get hurt, but I think he was more afraid you might prove him wrong about women in general."

      Colton: "Thank you for the question, June."

      Daniel: "Yes, thanks for coming by."

  34. Thanks for being part of this awesome blog hop and for the great interview.
    My question is for brother #3... Since you are sitting here so impatiently waiting to find out what kind of woman Eden chooses for you. What traits do you dislike most in a woman? What Kind of woman could you see yourself spending the rest of your life with?


    1. I give Eric a poke, right between the shoulder blades. "I'll find you a chair, but while I'm doing that, Christine would like to know which traits you like most in a woman, and what kind of woman you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with. Answering honestly is required, or else I'll use my backspace key, Eric."

      Over the hooting laughter and catcalls from his brothers, I hear Eric sigh, but see he's already giving Christine that smile and sexual once-over that--mysteriously, to me-- works wonders for him where women are concerned.

      Eric: "Well, sweetheart, I bet the woman I'd be interested in would look an awful lot like you."

      Eden: "Eric, I have my laptop. You're about to be erased. Totally and forever, obliterated. Cut the bullshit. The lady asked you a serious question."

      Tanner: "I can't say 'fuck', but she can say 'bullshit'?"

      Colton: "Will you shut up? I don't often see Eric with his back to the wall like this. I wanna enjoy it, okay?"

      Eric: "We--ll, I don't like women who needs every little thing validated. I don't care whether her polish is pink or red, but I like a woman who makes the effort to polish her nails and gets all prettied up for me. I just don't get why that kind of woman is always the kind who needs to tell me all the drama happening with her girlfriends. Sometimes, I just wanna kick back and watch the race, or go hunting with Daniel, but the girly-girl type I'm attracted to usually acts like I'm leaving her forever, if I just wanna hang with my brothers. I hate that.

      But now, hell, my brothers are never available to hang with. If it wasn't for the way Lila's always needing something moved and pays me with dinner at their place, I'd never see them outside of work.

      So, if Eden's letting me make a checklist, I'd want a woman who was pretty, but not insecure. One that has her own things to do, and wouldn't need constant care and watering, if you know what I'm saying. And smart. I'd definitely want her to be smart. Hard to stay interested in a woman who thinks her world has ended if she misses an episode of "Jersey Shore'."

      Daniel: "If I die laughing, Eden, you'll bring me back to life, right? A smart one. E wants a smart chick? Well hell, he might actually find one of those he hasn't already loved and left. Since I always thought he picked up women outside the lobotomy clinic."

      Eric: Still smiling at Christine, he gives Dan the bird. "Keep laughing. I'll tell them about your black dildo."

      Colton: Laughing so hard we can barely understand him, Colton howls, "You mean the one with your fingerprints all over it? That black dildo?"

  35. What a great post thank you for sharing. Thank you for the great giveaway! what a fun blog hop!

  36. great contest love your books

  37. I haven't read any of these stories yet. These men sound like some I would like to get to know.
    My question would be what is the ONE thing you would do for your woman to make her happy?
    Thanks for the contest.
    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

    1. Colton: "The one thing I know that would make Lila the happiest is if I could arrange for her son Charlie to call her. But he's deployed to Afghanistan at the moment, so Plan B would be to take her and my nephew to Atlanta to see a Braves series, when the Dodgers come to town. Oh, and stop at every antiques place and junk shop between here and there."

      Daniel: "Our family owns a few hundred acres of peach orchards, and there is one particular variety Cynda has gone a bit nuts about. She wants me to allow her to work those twenty acres of orchards, and let her sell the fruit. Farming is hard work, and those orchards have been neglected, but to answer your question, it would make my lady happiest to have me hire her a small crew experienced in peach farming and tell them she's their new boss."

      Tanner: "My Tori's mother and little brother were killed when their plane flew into the Pentagon on 9/11. The thing that would make her the happiest is for me to keep doing what I do--tracking down and eliminating the men who participated in planning that act of terrorism. She's also pretty tickled when I bring her an order of sugared carrots from her favorite restaurant."

  38. These brothers sounds great, I put on my TBR list. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  39. This all sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. They sound like a wild and crazy bunch, lol!

    Thank you for participating in the blog hop and for the giveaway!


  41. TANNER wats ur idea of an evening out with tthe woman of ur dreams?!! R U the marring kind?? Do U want kids N the near future? How many kids? Where would U live?? thanx 4 the giveaway & giving us a l@@k C at some interesting heroes..yumm,yumm:P..!

    1. "Hi Rubyswan. I am so sorry, it appears I overlooked you waving your hand. But Colton is dying to answer this one."

      Colton: My dream date would be camping out under the stars with a fire and a cooler of beer. Lila's idea of an evening out would be to go see a Braves game and walk to the closest hotel, after drinking beer until they cut off sales at the end of the seventh inning stretch.

      I think I'm the marrying kind, but only if I can talk Lila into taking the plunge again. Kids ore off the table for us, Lila has some female issues and I had a late case of mumps, so my little swimmers sink. We have my thirteen-year-old nephew, and her son Charlie's twenty-one now, so I doubt we'll miss much. My brothers might have some for us to spoil.

      As for where we'd live, I'm trying to talk Lila into moving in with me and Jonah right now. The house she lives in now i too big for her so she has it up for sale. Neither of us want to leave town and live somewhere else. We're small-town folks, even if livin' in this small town seems to pinch our toes now and then."

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    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

  43. Your brothers sound just like mine joshing each other. Great post.
    To Colton- Don't you just love the Carolinas? The sun the heat and the sunny beaches. My family has always called them home.

    1. "Hi Debra! I feel the same. Born in NC, I relocated to SC fro college and never wanted to leave. Visiting elsewhere is nice, but it doesn't take long till I'm jonesing for sweet tea and people throwing up a friendly hand as they pass by."

      Tanner: "Hello Debra. I couldn't agree more. I don't mind sweatin' in July and August in return for not havin' to own a snow blower. And Myrtle Beach and Charleston, well, they're hard to beat, too. We live on the other end of the state, in peach country."

  44. What a great bunch of heroes. Very yummy. I liked how you kept them all in line. :)

  45. Thanks for the fun hop and the awesome giveaway! Ya all rock!! :)

  46. Colton: Chocolate milk on Cocoa Puffs cereal... gross or yummy, what are your thoughts?

    Tanner: How would you make change for a $50 at midnight in New York City?

    Daniel: If you had to sing at the top of your lungs in a crowded room either the Star Spangled Banner or the theme song from the Jetsons cartoon show-- which would you pick?

    :) Great blog. Love the comment idea!

    1. Hi j.lenndorner, and thank you! For reading, as well as for the thoughtful questions. Sounds to me like you have these three guys all figured out.

      Colton: (looking surprised) "There's another way to eat Cocoa Puffs?"

      Tanner: "Easy. Find a hooker. She'll have fives. Thank you for the question, ma'am."

      Daniel: "Assuming I can't persuade you to let Cynda sing in my place, since she's the one with the incredible voice, then I'd have to go with the Star Spangled Banner. Of the two, it's the one I know the words to."

  47. ***All good things must come to an end, and it's time to stick a fork in the Hero's Hop. My contest is now closed to new entries. Thanks to all who visited, and who commented...and an extra-loud shout out to the amazing Carrie Ann Ryan for putting this all together. Time for me to start putting names into Draw Straws and pick my winners.****