Sunday, September 29, 2013

Good Vibrations ~ #Sexy Snippets

Seven more from Incidental Contact, Those Devilish De Marcos Book 3

Unexpectedly, he smiled. Something caused the blue in his eyes to dominate the green, like her mother’s treasured mood ring from her hippie days. The sight made Amy’s heart as uncooperative as her tongue. He leaned forward until their noses touched. Heat from his body seeped through her shirt. His breath felt cool to her heated cheeks, but the stirring air made her lips tingle.
Maybe he didn't realize he stood so close that her breasts, belly, and thighs were pressed against him. He couldn't know every time he growled like a Rottweiler, her nipples stood up like tuning forks, absorbing the vibration.

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  1. Great snippet Eden, love the descriptions. xx

  2. "Nipples stood out like tuning forks." LOL, that's an awesome description. He sounds yummy. Great snippet, Eden :-)

  3. that analogy and the snippet.