Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feel the Rain ~ #SexySnippets

Where did summer go? Between  the demise of my laptop screen (Arrgh! Head bang...damn technology, can't live with it, but let it break down and you'll find out quick enough just how many ways you can't live without it) and the impending birth of my granddaughter, I haven't been posting, but Incidental Contact is still on track to be released in September, though later than I wished. And Rain on Me, my interracial rope bondage kinky love story is coming along. My seven today are from Rain on Me. Zinnie and Ray are still where we last left them, in the old bed and breakfast on Battery Row in Charleston.

(Unedited excerpt, Ray is speaking)

"Bob Dylan said some people feel the rain, while others just get wet. I think you feel the rain, Zinnie. That's what drew me to you. Ever since, I've wondered whether you'd  feel the rope that same way." His gaze was hooded, but the weight of his words made me think I could feel his stare. "Rope can be just a method to tie you up to have kinky sex. I never know, when I bind someone new, if I'll summon a shower or a unleash a storm."

Be sure to read the sexy snippets from the other participants. Check the links here, or follow on Twitter or FacebookThanks for dropping in. Have a great week! I should, my laptop is due back Thursday, with a brand new screen, a new keyboard--yes, it is possible to wear one out--and more than double the memory. Plus, any day now, I'll be a grandmother again. Second time this summer. There's no technology to help wrap my head around that. :)


  1. Oh, I love that analogy, Eden. Fab snippet, and great to have you back. And how exciting to soon to have a grand daughter. Hope all goes well :-)

  2. I think he'll be unleashing a storm this time.

    Wishing you the best for the arrival of your granddaughter.