Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the Blood ~ Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop!

I must confess, I don't write paranormal, but I do love a wicked man. You know the kind, ones who are so sinfully gorgeous and dominant, they just make a woman wanna be bad? My current series is about an entire family of men like that...tall, confident men, with Italian good looks and blue collar jobs.

 I'm giving away one e-copy of the current release in the series, Wildly Inappropriate, for every 20 commenters who vote in the poll featured on the top right, and tell me how they voted, along with a valid e-mail address. 

Just how wicked are these De Marco men? Glad you asked. Some say it's in the blood. Consider this scene from Wildly Inappropriate, where two of the three brothers are discussing something contained in  their mother's dairies  recently come to light.


"Now I know why Eric's such a caveman. I mean, Lila goes crazy when I tie her up. Little Miss Control Freak loves that, actually. But I can't imagine what she'd do if I tried to spank her as discipline. I'm thinking target practice with me as the bull's-eye."
"Some women like it," Dan pointed out, knowing he sounded defensive. "You say Lila likes being restrained. Why's it so hard to imagine some like to be spanked, restrained, rough fucked… even forced to have sex?" Colton lowered his head and gave Dan a hard look. "Not rape, dammit, but there's a biological imperative at work here, Colton. Women—some of them—like the idea they're being… taken. Consent's implied, or stated by contract in advance." He could tell he was on thin ice from his brother's troubled expression.
"Dan, why do I get the feeling you're speaking from experience?"
Fuck it. "Because I am. I'm not going to pussyfoot around a woman. If she's into me, and I want her, I'll take her. Whenever, wherever, and however I want. Some women crave that feeling, C, of being shown their man's in charge. Some need to be made to feel small, and helpless, and wanted beyond all reason or convention. They get off on that more than tender, sweet sex. There's not a damn thing wrong with it, either, if you're both into it. When a woman gets all hormonal, chances are a good hard fuck, or even a spanking, will actually help her. She'll cry, she'll get upset, but she… settles down." He shrugged defensively under his brother's stare but met his eyes steadily, more sure today of his answer than he would've been yesterday. "Endorphins are released."
"So… how'd you meet Cynda, again?"
"We met when she came to ask if I'd talk to a man who wanted to buy some land. She and I have an… understanding."
"Well, if Dad forced pregnancies on her, then I can see why Mom ran away," Colton burst out, obviously shying away from the rest of the topic. "She was praying I'd be a girl, so she could talk him into letting her get her tubes tied or something. Having all of us wore her down, D. I believe a woman should have a say in that. A big one. I can tell you for a fact Lila's taken a huge load off me by assuming equal responsibility for Jonah. I can't imagine how much harder it was for Mom with four of us."
Dan had witnessed only the one disciplinary spanking of Cammie. Rafe spanked his children too, and they all knew from experience, Rafe had a heavy hand. He'd been imagining Cammie leaving Georgia's house after making an appointment for an abortion. The other part of the equation, the part he felt separated him and their father from the primordial ooze, was making the effort to know that woman inside out.
Rafe would've sensed something was up, Dan knew. The path Cammie had chosen was such a huge betrayal of trust, she'd have been nervous and Rafe would've watched her more closely. Arranged to spend more time with her, because that was part of it. When you found a woman that wanted to get up close and personal with your inner caveman on a long-term basis, you had to be her everything, because you were demanding that of her. You had to commit to becoming so attuned to every little shade and shift in her moods that she could hide nothing.
At least, that was the De Marco way. Even Colton had the tendency, whether he'd admit it or not. From the minute he'd laid eyes on Lila, at all of nineteen, she'd been his one. He'd simply had to wait a decade to get his hands on her, but once he had, the kid hadn't stopped until he had Lila under his roof and in his bed full-time, overcoming every objection she'd thrown at him.
Dan was well past any need to sow wild oats. Like Colton, he'd always been more selective than Eric, partly because if he had to settle for vanilla, he'd as soon do without. He knew if he could find the one woman who made him smile when there was nothing at all to smile about and who also was into his brand of sex, one who craved giving up her control to him, he'd sink so far into that woman it would be hard to tell where she ended and he began. He'd see to that. Have I found her?

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Stay wicked.


  1. I voted from the Males POV!

    Thanks for the chance to win :) raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  2. Hmmm it wouldn't let me vote. I think I may have voted on the Alpha Male Blog Hop however. If that is the case, (I vaguely recall this!) I voted for the woman's POV! Thanks for being a part of the hop and for the giveaway!
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  3. I voted during the alpha male hop, too. I chose male POV, because guys fascinate me!


  4. Didn't vote. Already know the Male POV. ;)

    Glad to be in this blogfest with you!

    Tim Brannan

  5. I like the male POV during the smexy scenes. ;)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  6. i voted during the alpha male hop and i voted for the mans side my vote cant go throught this time and it still would be the mans side thanks for the chance to win and happy halloween

  7. I voted for the Male POV, though I like reading both.
    Thanks for being part of this amazing blog hop and for your giveaway.
    Best wishes and continued success
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  8. I voted for male POV!

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  9. Voted! Interesting to see that it's even right now.

    1. it's admittedly not very scientific, but the comments regarding why people vote the way they have are very interesting to me. :)

  10. I voted for the male POV. I like both POV but I find the male POV more interesting because I'm not a man and somehow it's more raw and animal which I like very much :)


  12. I voted for the male POV - I know what it feels like for a woman, so I am more curious about the other perspective.

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  13. I voted female :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. i voted male
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  15. I vote for the male POV


  16. I voted female POV, but it was a close call.
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  17. I voted female...but honestly, I haven't ever really thought about it from the male point of view until you raised the question...hmmmm... maybe my mind could be changed?! LOL


  18. I voted for the female POV. Think the male POV is an interesting one also. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I voted female POV.
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  20. I voted for the females but I like to read from both. Thanks for being a part of the hop! Hope that you had a Happy Halloween!
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