Sunday, October 7, 2012

Incidental Contact~ Six Sentence Sunday #SixSunday

I'm going to give Wildly Inappropriate a rest this week, I've chosen my six sentences from Eric's story, which has a fresh new title: Incidental Contact.
(these six sentences are unedited and subject to deletion)

She went all wet and needy when he began to divest her of her bulky sweater, his hands steady and sure as though he'd undressed a woman a thousand times. Her nipples hardened into throbbing darts.
"Be sure, Amy," he rasped, tossing the garment aside to hook one finger beneath her chin,  studying her face with his incredible hazel eyes. "Be sure this is what you want, because in a very few minutes, there'll be no going back. I'm going to learn your body the way I learn a new car, so I know exactly what makes you hum. I'm going to figure out what it takes to make you scream and how to make you beg. I'll memorize the sounds you make when you come, so I can play them in my head while you're at school."

Hopefully by next week, I'll have a brand new cover to show off for this story, now that I've finalized the title. Thanks so much for dropping in. Please visit the official Six Sentence Sunday blog, where you'll find a wide variety of six sentence excerpts and possibly a new favorite author to read. Have a great week!