Sunday, November 11, 2012

Barter ~ Six Sentence Sunday #SixSunday

Six more from Incidental Contact

"Lila said not to expect cash for rent," he informed her, his sexy grin seeming to grow hotter. "Maybe we can work out some kind of barter."
Amy's normally agile mind went completely blank. An image of the frozen doe she'd dodged when driving down the remote private road leading to the cabin the night before morphed into her head.
"I… um… I suck at c-c-ooking," she finally stammered.

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  1. Somehow l don't think it's his belly he's thinking of! Tantalizing six!

  2. Cooking? Yeah, right. His idea might be hot - but it ain't cooking. lol

  3. Oooh wonder what he wants to barter. Great six.

  4. Yeah, I don't think that's what he thinking either. Now you've got my imagination running wild. Thanks, Eden ;) Super 6.

  5. Way to deflect... not sure his stomach is the way though! ;) That was a fun six!