Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Hot Man and a Quickie #4

First things first.
The eye candy.
The hot man.
Mmm, are you ready for some ... football? 

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Right now, all you erotica and romance writers, he's offering free use of his stock covers, so if you don't already have a character that resembles John's rugged good looks, get those fingers busy. 
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The quickie.
From Wildly Inappropriate, my September 8th release.

He'd come so close a couple of times, with women he thought understood what life as his woman entailed, only to end up being told he was a bastard and a caveman on their way out the door. While his parentage wasn't in question, his father's influence was surely what kept Dan a single man.
Why then, did he long to be just like his father, Rafe, ruling his woman and his offspring with unquestioned authority? Because all that had gotten either of them was alone. He wasn't like his baby brother Colton, who'd found love with a woman so stubborn she made Dan's teeth ache, or like Eric, whose relationships with women were so superficial it was a wonder to Dan his middle brother remembered the names of the women he dated.
He snorted softly. No, all he wanted was to pour his soul and his seed into one woman who'd want nothing more than to make him her world. Dan yanked his hand off his dick in disgust. He hadn't sunk low enough to jack off while peeping out his own kitchen window at a strange woman, even if she was trespassing. 

He was a dinosaur and he knew it. The concept hadn't worked for Rafe and it'd worked out just as badly for Dan. Women were no longer content to stay home and raise a family. They wanted jobs and felt their equal paychecks gave them an equal say in family decisions.
Why was it was so barbaric to want to spoil and coddle one woman, and in return, expect her to honor his decisions in all ways? He'd given up trying to understand why that was true and just accepted it. He'd stay single, though, because apparently what he wanted was the new form of slavery in the current female way of thinking. Perhaps that was why he found the sight of the woman chained to his bumper so riveting.

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  1. Good Morning, Eden!

    Yes... he's hot but I would be afraid of that one even if he was a kitten. :-) (Different Strokes)

    Yep, you have the Neanderthal pegged right in your story... When did you meet my ex-husband?

    1. Good morning, S.J!

      Haha, I do like a big, strong man...until they come down with the flu.

      As for my interactions with your ex, I assure you, I did bitch-slap him on behalf of women everywhere. Twice. :D