Saturday, August 11, 2012

Slavery ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Six more sentences from Wildly Inappropriate

What kind of black man would force a black woman show up at some old white dude's house, offering to reenact the Civil War—not the fighting part, but the slavery part?
She knew the answer. The kind of black man that claimed to be all about community, but in reality just stole houses from little old ladies like her grams.
She'd refused, but two days later had gone slinking back to his office, agreeing to try his plan. She'd had no other choice. Though she felt what he'd done to Grams was illegal, no lawyer in town would take her grandmother's case without payment. Tied like a dog to this truck, Cynda knew how abandoned puppies and kittens must feel when folks threw them out.

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  1. I feel for her! It sounds like she's being forced into something awful! You really made me sympathize with her!

  2. Oh, the conflict is thick and heavy. Bravo, Eden. I'm not in a rush for this summer to end, but come on Sept 8th :)

  3. Wow! Powerful!
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  4. Excellent writing, she has mixed feelings about this. Will she end up enjoying it? I can't wait to find out

  5. Wildly inappropriate, indeed. I hope he gets his comeuppance!

  6. Wow. You have laid out some very powerful emotions and themes here. Awesome six!

  7. Interesting premise and fantastic analogy. Good luck with your upcoming release.