Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seduction ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Six more from Soft Sounds of Pleasure:

True to what she probably thought of his damn gender, he hadn't spared much more than a glance at her face. Because he had her face memorized, dammit, but it was the rest of her he'd needed to see. How long had she watched him while he'd let his eyes feast on her?

But his now-jubilant cock was even more perilously close to ejecting his load as the implication behind her words sank in.
He whirled around and damned if she wasn't touching herself, one pink-tipped finger slowly circling her clit, making his cock leap in his Levi's. This woman was absolute hell on his self-control.

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  1. Whoa, hot stuff, Eden. Nice six. I need a fan now.

  2. Way to heat up Sunday!!! Excellent 6!

  3. Exellent Eden, very well done.

  4. great hot six! (and my subconciouss almost betrayed me and instead of six I almost wrote sex xD)

  5. Wonderful six. I particularly liked your use of "now-jubilant cock" very creative.