Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Hot Man and a Quickie ~ You Know You Wanna Look

Thanks for checking out a new weekly feature I think I'll call A Hot Man and a Quickie.  Each week you'll get a new hot male image, and a short excerpt--really short--from one of my upcoming releases.

I received a nice e-mail from a male model who's working to break into the romance cover business. (Hawt guys in my inbox, gotta add that to the list of perks for this job.) Male model John Quinlan has done a few generic covers in order to give romance writers a peek at his, um, assets. After you click to enlarge the high-res image, enjoy a quickie from When a Soldier Cries.

First, the eye-candy: 

Find the cover shots on John's official website. (Top left hand corner, second box from the top)
Right now, all you erotica and romance writers, he's offering free use of his stock covers, so if you don't already have a character that resembles John's rugged good looks, get those fingers busy.

Other links for John Quinlan:

When a Soldier Cries

(Unedited Excerpt)

Major Tanner Caldwell knew the little prison shrink just fucked up his undercover op the instant he heard the first feminine shriek of outrage. Ordering his fellow Juvenile Correction Officer—a real one—to stay with the other inmates, he raced out the door of the residence hall. Running hard across the bucolic grounds of Jackson Detention Center for Boys toward the increasingly furious screams, he inwardly cursed Dr. Victoria Banks.
Years in Special Ops made him immune to panic, yet he pushed himself to his limit because the juvenile offender with Dr. Banks, Evel ‘Cotton’ Covington, was a nasty piece of work. The kid was the reason Tanner was in Concord, North Carolina, posing as a JCO. Cotton’s father was the suspected leader of a bunch of home-grown terrorists calling themselves Patriots of the New Dawn. Tanner hoped to learn where the Patriots were stashing the military equipment they were stealing by getting close to the bastard’s incarcerated fifteen-year-old son. If the kid hurt the shrink and she made a report about the incident, Evel would likely be returned to a higher security prison. The little degenerate had already been in a few scrapes since he’d arrived. Undercover at the medium-security juvenile prison since the day Cotton was shipped here, Tanner had worked his ass off to get close to the little prick.
It infuriated him to think that twenty-one days work and a damn good idea was about to go up in flames because of one bossy woman. The stubborn shrink refused to remain in the controlled environment of the residence hall to have her session with Cotton today.
He didn’t have the authority to contradict Dr. Bank’s troublesome idea. He’d tried to worm his way into the shrink’s good graces, thinking she’d be a good alternate source of information on Cotton, but she treated him like toxic waste.
Yeah, that was why. It wasn’t because she was a challenge to everything male in him. It sure wasn’t because she was really cute in a wholesome, girl-next-door way, with an adorable little nose dusted with freckles and odd-colored eyes so big they practically swallowed her face. It couldn’t be because she had a slim figure crowned with small round breasts he’d bet his next paycheck were so sensitive he could make her come from simply toying with them. It wasn’t because she always wore her hair pulled back so tightly and knotted that he’d spent fucking hours wondering how long it would be when he took the pins out and ran his hands through it. No, it was because she was a good source of info. Sure. Cue the sarcastic laughter and thank God his brother Tristan wasn’t here to call ‘bullshit’.
Running flat out, the veteran Marine cut around the large stone gazebo anchoring the central yard of the wire-fenced facility and finally sighted the pair, both dismayed and pleased by the scene taking place. Evel kneed the Doc’s legs apart as he yelled at her, using his body to pin her hands. That sight alone made his anger jump ship from the doctor to the kid. 
Cotton was a rapist.

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