Friday, December 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on Flasher Fiction Friday, it's worth a hundred, no more, no less. Enjoy my entry, then follow the link to read how other  writers have interpreted the same image.

My entry is actually a peek into an event that happened between two characters one of  my works in progress -  Dirty Secrets and Designer Heels.

~ *** ~

Slyly, Beau cut his eyes at Marcus, dragging his fingertips suggestively down his bare chest.

Goddammit, the rich bastard was just taunting him.

Being the scholarship kid was easier since he and Beau had fist-fought their way to friendship, but one day, he was gonna fuck the heir-apparent to this damn city, Marcus  vowed, picturing Beau on his knees, his blue eyes filled with something besides arrogance and Marc’s hard cock replacing that silver spoon in his mouth.

Marcus grinned cockily; a warning and a promise.

His heart pounded like the Atlantic against The Battery when Beau smiled back.


  1. That was really clever, Eden. Very nice ending

  2. Great post, love your way with words!

  3. Oh, now that's just plain sexy! Great Flasher. Well done!

  4. Nice! Replace the spoon in his mouth with his cock. It just doesn’t get any sexier than that. Beautiful blog spot, by the way. :)

  5. Oh I just love it!!! I bet Marcus won't be teased for too long now, and Beau will get just what he deserves!
    Great post

  6. Excellent FFF post. I'm so glad you joined in all the fun!!!

  7. Oh wow! Very good FFF. Loved it!

  8. YUM! Love it. This was was great!

  9. I took one look at the banner picture on this Blog and my heart started pounding like the Atlantic against the battery. I almost forgot to read the FFF post - almost. This is a hottie, just like Beau. Very well done.