Friday, December 23, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday, Christmas Edition

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of Flash Fiction Friday, where 100 words, no more and no less, may be used to tell a story from a picture prompt.
 I hope you enjoy mine, then click the hyperlink below to visit other writer's blogs to see their take on the same image.

He’d bought her as a slave, trained her throughout many deliciously painful nights and today bound her to him forever by the slim black ribbon she wore around her throat with pride.
His wants were her only concern; now the privilege of her life to fulfill.
Raindrops pelted her cheeks like the suede fingers of his flogger when he plied it across the exposed curves of her ass.
His encircling arms, her willful prison. Love for him, her corset.
He broke their kiss, smiling. “Count the raindrops, my pet. Only then will you will know how much I love you.”

Merry Christmas to all my friends and blog readers. I look forward to spending many hours entertaining you in the upcoming year.

Peace and Joy.

And, because it's Christmas, a peek into my current WIP, tentatively titled 
When a Soldier Cries:

Sure, steady movements of his wonderful fingers had chills chasing hot flashes up her torso as her back began to bow. She teetered on the edge of something dark and wonderful, but scary in its unfamiliarity. Anthony had never spent much time touching her this way. By now he’d be ordering her to turn over, just as it was starting to feel good, but a part of her feared what she’d never felt before. What was he doing to her? Strong sensations began to resonate in her pussy as she began to squirm, instinctively trying to hold onto her self-control, yet wanting more. “Don’t stop.”
 Which one of them was she talking to? 
He didn’t stop. Time disappeared. All there was to her world was his mouth and his hand and the pleasure they evoked as she writhed, instinctively still trying to escape, but he wasn’t letting her go. His fingers sped up, driving her toward some dark and unknown place.
She wanted more. She wanted less. She didn’t know what she wanted, but whatever it was, she sensed he knew, and he was about to give it to her. She grabbed onto the sheets with both hands. She had to hold onto something or she else she was going to spin off into space, but who was that shrieking ‘ohmigodohmigodohmiGOD’?  Tori didn’t know, couldn’t care, then lost her ability to hear at all as the darkness exploded into bright, vivid shards of red and blue and green while sharp waves of pleasure detonated inside her. Ruthless, diabolical, wonderful man that he was, he didn’t let her catch her breath before she felt one large finger slide through the wetness of her slit, both heightening and relieving the blissful ache that had settled there. Her hips instinctively pushed toward the invasion, needing something inside her with a desperation she’d never felt, and a frustrated cry escaped as he held back, refusing to push into her.
He raised his head. She cried aloud at the loss of his mouth on her nipple. The expression of male pride on his face made the forfeit bearable as he gazed at her, his expression every bit as heated as the slickened muscles she was tightening inside her core, silently urging him to give her what she needed as she pushed herself toward his hand. His finger retreated, and he chuckled at the exasperated sound she made.
“How long, Peaches?  How long has it been for you, Tori?” His finger circled her opening slowly. Tease.
She wasn’t sure which of two possible questions he was asking. Intense feelings of gratitude and need swept over her, and in their wake, she blurted out the shameful truth. “Three years. Never. Never like that.”
Tanner studied her from her flushed face to the pale curls covering her mound as he began to work his finger inside her. She was unbelievably snug, yet the tightness of her flesh around his invading finger bore out her shocking statement. Three years?  His cock was a column of agony, but he’d be damned if he was going to try entering her until he’d stretched her a bit. Hell if he’d hurt her.
He’d never felt humbled by the gift of a woman’s body before, but he knew that was what this was, a gift he hadn’t earned, and that feeling of awe kept rolling through him. The most important thing to him now became giving her the most possible pleasure; he’d get his. Rotating his wrist, he pushed deeper as he felt along her upper wall for the spongy bit that some women had, grinning again when he felt hers. Slowly stroking it, he watched her intently, adding a second finger when she was writhing beside him, tearing at her abused sheets again.
The sexy sight of her, off-balance and completely under his control detonated heavy throbs in his cock, demanding he fuck her, but her confession challenged him to give her more, tempted him to see how high he could make her fly. He was never going to forget her, so goddammit, she wasn’t gonna forget him either.
Semper fucking Fi, he thought with a tight grin, assigning himself a brand-new mission. He’d never in a million years have guessed the cool little doc was a screamer, but he was a long damn way from having heard enough of her cries. If he’d ever met a woman who downright needed to lose control, it was Tori.

As you pause for holiday parties and presents, remember the soldier, who patrols far away.
Merry Christmas to our troops, and thank you.


  1. Very hot and you drew me into his embrace. Very nice!

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    And the excerpt was really good too.

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  9. Hmm, there are some really GREAT lines in this FFF post. My favorite - "His encircling arms, her willful prison. Love for him, her corset."

    Wow, that's good, really good. "Love for him, her corset." That one is hard to top. Clearly, he has trained her well and this is a supper FFF post. Ms. Eden, nicely done.

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