Sunday, July 14, 2013

#SexySnippets ~ In Knots

Seven more from Rain on Me.
Zinnie's on the verge of getting her wish--to be tied up and at Ray's command. 
Tweaked the cover again. I think I'm done now...but I've said that before.  :p

The lamps blinked, steadied, and went out again, plunging the room into twilight. She was unable to see his face now, but his fingers were visible, silhouetted against the pristine cord. Every knot he undid seemed to reform inside her tummy. When he gripped the stretcher and pulled the wooden bar free, the hissing sound the cord made, whipping through the holes, sent her heart into her throat. She couldn't seem to take a deep breath. Winding a length of rope around his fist, he finally spoke, “Did you know I spent eight years in the Navy?” His teeth were a bright gleam in the semi-darkness, and though she couldn't see his eyes, she felt his stare. "If I tie you up, Zinnie, I may never let you go."

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  1. Tie away, Ray. My heart is pounding.

    I loved the last cover but this is good too. :)

  2. Oh My, what a fabulous snippet!!

  3. What a super sexy snippet, Eden, and the cover looks great!