Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seven more from Rain on Me. Poor Ray. He can't get Zinnie out of his head. What's a man to do? Oh, yeah... fantasize.  

Yes, I tweaked the cover. My kid said the girl looked 'random', like she didn't fit with the background... :and she's most always right. 

In his mind, he sketched her here on the deserted campus, surrounded by magnolia trees, standing beneath her ruffled umbrella. Ray imagined  her nude. He’d soften his command with a smile, in hopes she’d favor him with one of hers. “Hold the umbrella up as far as you can. Don’t lower it.” He thought about the flash he’d seen in her eyes when she mentioned his belt. Sliding his thumb across the strap, he blended the detail into his dream, thinking about how the pose would bare her to his every touch, “If you let me get wet, you’ll be in trouble.”

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