Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's better than a Hot Man and a Quickie? Two Quickies!

The hot man:

Quickie #1:

Last week, romance cover model and body-builder  John Quinlan swept...ah, heck, he tells it better than I.

(Excerpted from his Facebook post)

I felt in my heart there was something special about it. It was exactly 1 month to the day my grandfather died. He was like my father. One month to the day I was at his bedside as the very last person to tell him how much he was loved before God called him home. I told people if I won my class I would dedicate it to him but to win all 3 classes and take the Overall Men’s Physique Championship it was like something out of a movie. I told people if won the overall title I would get emotional. It didn't happen on stage but I did speak after the event on camera and I thanked a few special people about my win. I did get very emotional on film when I said that I dedicate this night, “to the greatest man I have ever known… grandfather, Bill Hafner.”
Way to get it done, John. Congratulations. I'm certain your grandfather is proud. 

YouTube video of John, made immediately after his incredible win. Yes, he chokes up, but that's what is so special about this man. He's the real deal. See for yourself.

Quickie #2: (excerpted from Kink and Ink, Carmine Club No. 2)

A loud crash startled Eros awake. He pried open one eyelid. A shard of light stabbed him for his trouble. His head throbbed and his tongue felt welded to the roof of his mouth. “Well, I see you've made yourself at home.”

 Trying to lift his hand to ward off the glare, he winced, more from his recognition of Willa’s voice than pain. “What are you?” his new assignment demanded, stalking to his bedside. At least her body blocked the light.

“I told you,” he managed to groan. “I’m Eros.”

Her fingers were unforgiving. She poked the wounds on his bare back. “I knew I hit you. Why aren't you dead?”

“Zeus’s balls, woman. That hurts!” Driving his elbow into her hip made her relent. She took a half-step back. Rolling to his back with a grunt, he glared up at her, trying to rub sleep from his eyes with his uninjured hand. “Immortal. Look it up.” His mouth felt like it was lined with fur.

Spinning, she stalked to the dresser. Alarm drove him to hoist his aching human body upright when she picked up his quiver. Sliding one shaft free of the sheath, she twisted the golden object between her fingers. Turning her head slowly, she narrowed her eyes. The look made him freeze. “These feathers better not have come from my peacocks.”

“The little bastards shed them everywhere." He winced when his sore back touched the headboard. His chest felt like he’d been hit by a space shuttle. Pain sparkled like space debris behind his sore ribs.

Shoving the arrow back into the holder, she discarded the leather pouch. “Okay, I don’t know who the hell you are, but my daddy taught me the best place for an enemy is by your side. So until I figure out what the hell you’re up to, I’m gonna give you that job you asked for. Be at the main house by ten. I've ordered new uniforms for the staff. The tailor will be here then for your fitting.” Slitting her eyes again, she returned to stand beside the bed. Eros had the fleeting thought he might take Willa in a battle with Ishmael. “I refuse to call you Eros. And, immortal or not, if you ever aim one of those arrows at me, I will find a way to kill you.” Her lacquered lips curved. “Painfully.”

“We’re on the same side, I swear,” he croaked. Ignoring him, she plucked the wallet Peter had given him off the nightstand. Slick packets of popcorn slid helter-skelter across the dusty surface.

“After your fitting, stop by my office. I need you to fill out an application. No doubt, this ID is fake, but so help me, I will figure out who you are. Until then, congratulations, Yeoman Summers. You’re the new butler at Carmine House.”

“What’s a butler?”

“Basically, you fetch anything Becca, Jane, or I send you to get.”

He snorted. “Sounds to me like you need a beagle.”

“Do you mind coverin’ yourself while I’m in the room?”

Glancing down, he saw the sheet had slipped to his thighs. “Amazing. You’ll put women in handcuffs on luggage carts and pay young men to spank them before you sell them to the highest bidder, but you go all shy at the sight of one not-so-little cock?”

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