Sunday, April 28, 2013

Taut Silk and Cherry Lip Gloss ~ #SexySnippets

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    According to the rules, I can't tease you with snippets from Forceful Negotiations, since it's been published, and I'll bet I don't have seven sentences of the next Carmine Club story, Kink and Ink, written--none I'd put up anyway-- so here's seven from a new interracial story, tentatively titled Rain On Me

She shook the water off the postcard and squinted at the melting words while Ray tried to drag his gaze away from her lips. Behind her head, stiff tines stretched the crimson silk taut. Rain battered the thin membrane, driving nature's rhythm into his blood.
     He found himself watching her eyelids move from side to side. He wanted to run his finger across the tight curls formed by her lashes. She didn't have on any makeup, only the lip gloss. Damn, why was he imagining this young woman wearing nothing but that slick coat of color?

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  1. Such sensual descriptions. I felt the rain -and his yearning- through your words. :-)

  2. I agree with Paloma. This is so sensual. Enjoyed your snippet.

  3. Beautifully sensuous. Eden, you can post a snippet from a published work. It can be from a wip or a published work, just so you know :-)