Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Hot Man and a Quickie ~ Golf Isn't the Game Played at Carmine Club

It's been a busy week for me. Edits came back for Forceful Negotiations, I'm putting the finishing touches on Always Kiss Me Last, and in my spare time I worked on a blog makeover and designed a new logo. 

Speaking of graphics, I have no idea how many covers I've made for this series, but the image on the left-hand side is the final cover art. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Another 'final' one, Eden?" but it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind and this time, I'm seriously done.

The Hot Man:
I'm almost certain I'll be using this shot of model John Quinlan for the cover of the third Carmine Club story. You may stalk John at the following locations:

The Quickie:  (excerpt from Carmine Club No. 01, Forceful Negotiations)

Why do women want men who aren’t capable of love?
Never again, Cam vowed, staring at the litter of makeup pots and pencils, old photos of people he didn’t know, half-filled perfume bottles, and romance novels. No more women who can’t acknowledge their own worth. The next time he met a woman who needed saving he was gonna leave to slay her own dragons and run like hell in the opposite direction. Squatting, he picked up a pot of something pink, turning it in his fingers. Compliments, flowers, helping her polish her resume to look for a better job, all the time spent trying to boost Anna’s self-confidence was like the makeup. The effect came off the next time she showered.
Tossing bits of Anna into a garbage bag, Cam knew the echo in his heart meant little. They’d been done for over a year. His thoughts veered to the coming weekend. His boss had extended an invitation to join his club. A southern gentleman and native of Savannah, Scott always couched his orders as invitations. Dreading endless weekend rounds of golf, Cam had been delighted to learn the place wasn’t the country club he’d expected. He turned Scott’s explanation over in his mind.
Carmine Club caters to the sexual fantasies of women, Cameron. The ultimate high any man can achieve is gratifyin’ a woman sexual desires, whatever they may be. Knowing you can satisfy any woman, anytime, anywhere, no matter what she needs, is a power trip unlike any other. It’s not that hard for us to get off, but women… ah, they’re marvelously complex little things. I believe any man who knows he can do that will exhibit that confidence in his day-to-day tasks. This club provides the ideal place for learning what makes women tick. And if you can understand women, you can understand any damn thing. Gentlemen elected to join this exclusive fraternity are honor-bound to make the ladies’ fantasies come true, without judgment.
Despite his vow, a sexual suit of armor sounded intriguing. Cam’s footsteps echoed in the empty apartment, their sound muted when he stepped into the carpeted hall. Yanking open the discrete door at the end of the corridor, he dropped her things down the garbage chute, letting what remained of his feelings for her follow. Tugging up his sweater sleeve, he ripped off the cotton ball taped to the inside of his elbow and tossed it, too.
A fraternity of men honor-bound to make any sexual fantasy come true. Carmine Club sounded a helluva lot better than any golf club.

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  1. The new blog design is wonderful! I wish you much success with your Carmine Club series! :)