Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Hot Man and a Quickie ~ Grandma Calls Her a Floozy

The hot man: 

I just woke and already, I have an urge to crawl back into bed. Romance cover model John Quinlan looks smokin' in this shot. Dress shirt unbuttoned. White sheets to show off that tan. (shivers). Enjoy!

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The Quickie:
(From Kiss Me Last, Carmine Club prequel)
"My friend started throwin' these parties for women. They’re called CFNM parties. You ever heard of those?"
Dylan shook his head, trying to guess what the acronym stood for. He owned a real estate investment firm, but he loved nothing more than working with his hands. Joe pulled off his own real estate deals. Whatever he needed from Dylan had to be carpentry.
"Teague borrowed two, but I got three windows. I’ll give 'em all to you if you’ll work the Clothed Female, Naked Male party tonight."
Three was the perfect number. With three, he could put them in the— Joe's words registered. Dylan choked on his coffee. 
"Basically, you strip down to your skivvies and waltz around the room. You can’t touch the women, but they can touch you any way they’d like." Dylan gaped. Joe shrugged, grinning like a tabby cat on a tuna boat. "After a few minutes of fondling, they cuff you to a chair or to another guy. The women form two teams. The winning team is the one that makes their guy come first. All my windows are yours if you can hold out twenty minutes before you shoot." Joseph grinned. "Just wear that suit. They'll give you a mask and sexy underwear, but your cock’s gonna be bare."
Dylan blinked, imagining strange women stroking his cock. At a party.
Jillian would love a party like that. The memory of Jill's scornful tone when she'd called him 'boring' made him wince. It wasn’t boring to be discrete. Dylan's almost-ex wife was what his grandmother called a floozy.

Thanks for droppin' in. Have a great week! (Giveaway happenin' through 2/11 one post down! Let me buy you a book for reading another Carmine Club excerpt.)

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