Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wildly Inappropriate ~ Six Sentence Sunday and Cover Reveal #sixsunday

Edits are in for Wildly Inappropriate, so that's the story I'm pulling my six sentences from today. The release date is set for September 8th.

Her hair was straight, with a few half-hearted waves. He pictured the heavy length if allowed to re-assume its natural kink and volume. He'd prefer it that way, he decided. As long as he was standing in the shadows of his own kitchen, making over a strange woman to suit him, he'd strip off her garish makeup too, and he mentally removed her nail polish along with her clothes.
But because his father's blood ran in his veins, he'd leave the chain around her neck. No, he'd replace the chain with his belt.

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  1. OMG, Eden. H O T :)
    It kept building to his line about the belt, yum.
    Love the cover too

  2. This is sensual and also hot, he sounds like an interesting man with a very interesting past!

  3. Wow. That passage grabs the reader. H.O.T.

  4. Holy wow! What a great six... so intense! Love it!