Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Hot Man and a Quickie #3 FREE READ (m/m)

First things first.

The Hot Man:

Male model John Quinlan modeling for Perry Ellis. 
You know a man's smokin' when he looks just as yummy clothed as not.
ATTN: Romance writers, John would love to be on top...of your next romance cover.

The Quickie:

Excerpt from Using Broken Wings to Fly
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"Help me, George. I need you to come to me."

George curled into a ball. Squeezing his knees to his chest, he dug his fingers into his jeans, unable to close his mind to the horrific visions racing through his head. Not his usual visions, where he saw young soldiers he knew being blown apart by IED's, but every bit as sickening.

"I guess the gay porn channel was asking too much?" he groaned. Then everything went black.

In other news, Soft Sounds of Pleasure received a 4.5/5.0 review  from Tyra's Book Addiction.

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