Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bride in Corset ~ another poem by Laura Dominguez

My friend Laura continues to be inspired by corset images and has once again graciously consented to let me post her latest, inspired by the image below.

Quietly sits contemplating, 
Embraced by niveous satin, taut silk ribbons, her center sensually confined Aches to touch but for long laced satin gloves, instead her eyes close, images of her lover to pulsate her..

Future betrothed safely sequestered, nuptials soon to begin ...thoughts of unwelcomed kindnesses invade, interrupted, she stares through the wall.

Lover's fingers secretly approach, erecting her instantly; they tug a sweet greeting at her long ribbon’s tongue, she quivers a response.

She turns to offer him her own, Kisses his lips, she tenderly kisses his eyes too, as all the best lovers do. He breathes her in, "I’ve come to take you.”
by Laura Dominguez

Happy 4th of July!

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