Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Made Her Special ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Six more sentences from Soft Sounds of Pleasure.

The realization dawned on him then that part of what made her so fucking special was her loyalty to her man. He and his brothers got propositioned by neglected housewives all the time, but Lila's very inaccessibility had fueled his fantasies. The knowledge that she was forbidden and utterly beyond reach was part of what had made her prime thought-fuck material. Somehow, her brazen offer angered him, because her shamelessness seemed to dull her bright image in his head, but he was damned if he'd turn down this chance to fuck her. Lust overlaid with his ire made his voice ragged.
    "If I'm reading you correctly, you'll be the recipient. Where's Pete?" 

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  1. Intense! You brought in a lot of emotion.

  2. heavy, table turning, beautiful emotion. Fab 6

  3. Lots of swirling emotion, and hot thoughts. Great six.