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We're Celebrating the Ndulgent Bloggers' 4th BLOGiversary!

We're Celebrating the Ndulgent Bloggers' 4th BLOGiversary!

4 Years of Reviews. 4 Years of Supporting Authors. 4 Years of Great Books. 4 Huge Bags o' Swag.

I began writing about the time Ndulgent began reviewing. Over the years, they've been very supportive of my work, as they have many other authors. Happy birthday, Ndulgent, and here's to many, many more years!

To help celebrate, I'm giving away an e-copy copy of my latest release, TuDawgs.

 Welcome to TuDawgs. Our county fair booth is now serving one very bad girl, sautéed in scandal and peppered with regrets. We grill her with relentless cops and reporters, top her with a choice, all-beef carnival worker, and slather on the heart-stopping hook-ups. Then we add a generous dollop of old flames and make the stakes mile-high. What’s that? You want a cotton-candy ending for your bad girl? That’ll cost her extra. Don’t say I spilled the secret ingredient, but the carnie’s running a rigged game.

Since the story is set at the county fair, just leave me a comment below, telling me your favorite thing about the fair and your e-mail address. Will it be the food, the displays, the rides? 
For my character, it was the hot carnie she met on opening day. 

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(Excerpt) One Night Stand by M.O. Kenyan ~ Release Day!

I'm in love with the cover art of every book in this series.
It's release day again for M.O. Kenyan. Book 3 of her New Yorker series is out today.

1-click it here

The technicalities of a one night stand are usually, you meet a person at a bar, club or pub. You get a sexual vibe then you take off to a motel, the car or to their apartment. Then early in the morning someone sneaks out and you never see each other again. Rich had perfected the art, he didn't expect to see Catalella again, but life has a funny way of surprising you. Catalella ends up being his lawyer and more than that she's got a gift for him, one that he will get in nine months.

“Where is your boyfriend?” Rosalinda asked.
“My what?” The question had caught Catalella off guard. She hoped that her shock didn’t show. What exactly was she supposed to tell them now? “Oh him, he’s back in the city.”
“Who is he? Does he have a name?” Adrian asked, his eyes searching his daughter’s face.
“Uh-huh…Rich—” she gulped, “—ard.”
“Does Rich-ard, have a last name?”

He pushed his way into the apartment, his hands demanding every inch of Catalella. He thought she would resist him but she couldn’t, and when her arms wrapped around his neck that was all he could take. He kicked the door closed and lifted Catalella. He led her to the dining table and a wave of déjà vu hit him. Rich laid her flat on the table and released her lips so that he could take his jacket off. But, as he did, his eyes caught sight of the literature on the table.
At first he thought they were a bunch of novels until he saw the words ‘Your first baby’ on one of the books. He stepped back from her, releasing his mind from the hazy cloud of desire. He walked to the other end of the table and picked up the book.
“I thought you said you couldn’t get pregnant?”

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TuDawgs Hits #1 on Release Day... Thank You!

Wow, what a release! Thanks so much for making TuDawgs the #1 bestselling IR erotic romance on Amazon the day of launch! It's still hanging out at #2. 
Read for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. There seems to be some confusion about the KU plan. Yes, authors get paid when you borrow their titles and read past the 10% mark, so don't feel like you're screwing me by borrowing through KU. I love the program!
I found this handy-dandy Kindle preview script, so check out the Amazon story preview right here.
If you bought it, if you read it, please don't forget to leave a review! Love it, hate it, I want to know. 

If you're waiting to buy, please add TuDawgs to your Goodreads shelf.

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Cover Reveal and Cut Scene from TuDawgs!


Welcome to TuDawgs. Our county fair booth is now serving one very bad girl, sautéed in scandal and peppered with regrets. We grill her with relentless reporters, top her with one choice, all-beef carnival worker and slather on the heart-stopping hook-ups. We’ll throw in a generous dollop of enemies and make the stakes mile-high. What’s that? You want a cotton-candy ending for your bad girl? That’ll cost her extra. Don’t say I spilled the secret ingredient, but  the carnie’s playing a rigged game.

Deleted scene. I love it, but it had to go:

I didn’t have time to figure out what Tee’s issue was, because the trailer shook as Carnie bounded up the stairs. He stuck his head inside the door. “Molly? It’s Molly, right? Can you step out for just a moment, please?”

To my horror, she grinned and waltzed outside, pausing to pinch his cheek. “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” Dave’s laughter caused the trailer to shimmy. Can I climb out the window without breaking my neck?

The whole crew burst out laughing. They had no idea he was such a… a… backstabbing, money-grubbing opportunist. They were still snowed by his little act with his niece. Children make such good endorsements, don’t they? My words to Molly mocked me as he took a step in my direction. Backing up was impossible. Bonnie even tried to shove me in his direction.

I turned to snatch the tongs out of David’s hand, thinking I’d somehow fend him off. Dave held them out of reach. With a sinking heart, I felt a hard hand grip my wrist.

He yanked my arm.

“What are you—oof!” My stomach connected with his lowered shoulder. My head struck Noah in the gut when he spun. I kicked and balled my fists to pound his back, but all I got for my trouble was an arm that felt like steel across the backs of my thighs and sore hands. He rounded the end of the concession trailer, grabbed April by the hand, and sauntered through the crowd like it was a day at the beach.

She kept peeking around his body to grin at me, like the ass did this all the time, too. I had a lot to say, none of it fit for the ears of a five-year-old. Not to mention the little issue of getting a deep breath, because every step he took knocked  the air out of me. If some reporter happened to see me in this predicament, I knew damn well a photo would make the scandal rags. I had no choice but to endure. Frustration mounted as he strolled down the midway. When he put me down, should I run like a scalded dog? Or slap him first, then run?

Knee to the nuts. Then get away. Of all the days not to have a car. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Love Out of Lust Blog Tour ~ Plus an Exclusive Interview with Author Ray Sostre!

Story written by: Ray Sostre
Edited by: Elicia Stoll

AfterDark Press 2013, 2014

Daryl and Marisol grew up together
as best friends and now live together as roommates. The two suffered losses in
their lives; Daryl went through a sad divorce, while Marisol lost her brother
and Mother in the same year, and gone through a relationship issue with her
ex-boyfriend Jose.

When Marisol talks out her problems
with Daryl, she not only shares a drink with him, but her most intimate secrets
with Daryl, leading to a sexual encounter at home.

When the two realize what they’ve
done, they take precautions with their friendships, hoping not to hurt one
another, but their lustful passions soon turn into love, and both Daryl and
Marisol discover a purpose for each other.

Pick up Love Out Of Lust – Pt 1 on:

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Pick up Love Out Of Lust – Pt 4 on:

Ray Sostre:

Ray Sostre was born in New York,
raised throughout the east coast (New York, New Jersey,
and Pennsylvania)
for much of his life, until he moved to Nevada in 2005. His passion to write erotica
happened by accident in the summer of 2010, but since then he’s been writing
stories (m/f contemporary, lesbian, and ménage). At that same year, he
established a website, specifically for erotic authors -- AfterDark Online,
giving a voice for authors of erotica and erotic romance to be heard. He lives
with his longtime girlfriend of nearly ten years, and is an avid listener of electronica,
hip hop, and R&B.

Ray jokes, “I’m always looking for
writing material.”

And....Ray agreed to a nosy interview by yours truly!

1.     Where do you live, Ray? Any particular reason you chose to live in this place?
Hi, thank you for having me! I currently live in Nevada, just 130 miles west of Salt Lake City. The town I live in is West Wendover, where every August, a herd of speed racers visit this town for the Bonneville Speedway.
When I moved to this town, there were two reasons: To live out west, and I’ve known a woman, whom I’m still with for the last ten years.
2.     How did you first meet your inner writer?
It was the fall of 1990, when I wrote my first short story, while I served in detention. I was a potential scholar, but also a troublemaker as well, lol. I continued writing until 1997, when I gave it up to pursue a passion I truly loved – music. I worked as a club DJ for some time until 2004, and then six years later I picked up writing.
I didn’t have any intentions to write in 2010, but my father persuaded me to get back to writing, since I used to do a lot of it, when I was in high school. I never thought of myself as being an erotic writer, but I was working on a project of mine, during the summer – AfterDark Online. And then, one day, I stumbled on to a story from a site called Lush Stories, where a guy wrote a story written so-well, where it got ruined by derogatory languages that didn’t sit in place. I commented that his story sucked. He challenged me, and the rest was history. Writing erotica happened by accident, and that’s when I found my passion.
3.     What are your favorite scenes in your book: the action, the dialog, or the romance?
I like creating the drama in my stories, along with comedy. If I can get as raunchy as I can, I will utilize it (I don’t care for dry comedy). My sex scenes have got to be hot; sweltering enough to bust out with something more than a mental amusement. As far as my favorite scenes in my book Love Out Of Lust, I would say the Valentine’s Day story on Part Four. It was difficult, but really good; intimate.
4.     Did you have a hard time writing any particular scenes?
At times, yes. However, I love the challenge, not because it’s easy because it’s difficult to accomplish, and I want to say to myself I did it.
5.     What were you doing the day before your story began?
When I wrote Love Out Of Lust – Part One in May 2013, I was just messing around to see if I could write a series. When I say messing around, I really didn’t know where to take the story from there. All I know is I wanted my story to start out with lust. What’s more interesting when you have two roommates sharing the same lusting feelings for each other?
I wanted to play with my characters between Marisol and Daryl where, out of weakness they admit their desires, starting with Marisol.
6.     If you could rewrite anything in your story, what would it be?
The first part to the series. While many told me they enjoyed reading it. It was short. Here’s a little trivia: My original editor looked at it in May 2013 and helped edited it. It wasn’t professionally done, but I didn’t discover Elicia Stoll until a publisher disbanded, and I remembered her re-editing my lesbian novella prior. When I came to Elicia in the summer, to re-edit my work, she made it much better, but I wished I made it longer, like combining Part Two to my story with Part One. At that time, I didn’t know where to take the story, but I needed to continue it.
7.     Do you like the way you ended your story?
I’m satisfied, and happy of my work, even if I believed the story ended a little different than the way I wanted it. I learned a few things about ending a story. You need an ending that defines HEA, along with an interesting ending, and feel-good feeling. I never like reading stories that lead me on and then suddenly ends on a boring or awkward note.
8.     What is your least favorite characteristic?
Having a very dirty mind, when I get a muse, lol. I could only think of that.
9.     If you could tell me one thing your reader would never know, what would it be?
I like to entertain, amuse, and turn on my readers. Writing erotic has given me a purpose since 2010. Although, it sucks that I can’t make the time writing everything; I have to pay bills, eat sleep, and I spend time with a woman I’m thankful to have – my longtime girlfriend, who’s been supportive of what I do.
1.  What do you do for a living?
Well, currently, I’m working as a Food & Beverage Manager at a casino. This job has taught a lot, but as far as passion. I’m in a transition to move on, in order to fulfill with a long dream – writing and media publishing.
1.  What is your greatest fear?
My biggest fear is being out of touch. I’m proud of my generation (Gen-X). I look at the generation before me, my generation, the generation after me and the newborns, and I think of how times change and why I want to embrace the newer generations. The generation before me had made some highlights, but they’re too stuck on the past – well, most of the one’s I’ve encountered, except my father. My generation is starting to get that way, where the eighties and nineties were their highlight, and they complain about how kids have no respect for anything, when we were like that too; and our parents.
 I’m more a child of the nineties and millennium; I was watching Transformers & G.I. Joe in the 1980’s. I look at the young generation, and I see how different they are, and I tend to learn from them. I feel much wiser, but still relevant with the times. I listen to new music genres (even though it’s way different than when I grew up), learning new slang from people, and stay in tuned with the young culture. I don’t want to be stuck with the notion of remember the times? The times have changed, and I like focusing on the positive aspects of a new era. So does my girlfriend.
1.  What is your most prized possession?
The gift of writing erotic stories, and the gift of helping others with my site AfterDark Online. When I launched the site in 2010, it was just a story submission site at that time, but I wanted it to be more than just a story submission site. I wanted to help other authors of erotica to get a voice.
1.  What do you think your greatest weakness is? What is your strongest attribute?
I learned that too much partying isn’t good for you. I’m getting older *sighs*, but as far as my strongest attributes, the willingness to learn.
1.  What are you proudest of? What embarrasses you?
AfterDark Online has been my most proudest accomplishment. As far as what embarrasses me, nothing. The people in my town know what I write, my family and friends know what I write. I’m not ashamed. I feel comfortable about myself.
1.  What is something no one knows about you?  Why do you keep it a secret?  And what would happen if everyone found out about it?
I am social, but I’m really a loner. I like being behind the scenes of things, rather at the forefront. People think I’m supposed to be sociable, but I like being away from things, however, only to be around the scene at least from time to time. 
1.  What do you find most appealing in men/women?
With women, I like the ones who have some sense of brains, who tells it like it is and very independent thinking; emancipated. Aside from physical preferences, I like being among those who are confident about their life, but only want someone to talk to too.
I’m more attracted to the intelligent with a touch of a bad-girl in her. I’m the type to get bored very easily around the goodie two-shoes. At least, have some dirt you did in your life. I won’t judge; just treat me right. Thank god, I found the one, lol.
1.  What do you find most unappealing in men/women?
I don’t go for the BS games. I may sound harsh at what I say, but I’m not into women who think they’re some novelty, because their daddy or other men said they were.
I won’t put them on a pedestal. I prefer treating the woman I’m with as my equal; never above or way out of my league. Don’t get me wrong, my woman of almost ten years is very important in my life, but I’m not like some men who will do anything to keep her happy, regardless of his happiness; it’s just not me. Plus, I have a problem with women who don’t think, or think for themselves.
1.  What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy Sunday?
Oh, if I only have the luxury. The last time I had a rainy Sunday like that was when I lived in the east coast, lol. However, lately, I work. I pull a double-back from a graveyard to a swing shift.
1.  What do you believe about love? Has that changed since your story began?
Love is a very complex story. It’s easily given and can be taken for granted. This is a very interesting question, but that is the only thing that has popped in my mind.
Thank you so much for having me here. It’s been an honor!
- Ray Sostre.

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Betrayed ~ Author M.O Kenyan

Welcome M.O. Kenyan to the guest spotlight today! The moment I saw this cover, I was in love. Yummy, isn't it? Check out the blurb and excerpt.

Betrayed, The New Yorkers, Book I
Betrayed is the first instalment of my New Yorker series. The series surrounds the four most influential families in New York. Four men who had grown up as friends and were separated by love. They became enemies when two of them fell in love with the same woman.
It begins with the Kent and Ross families. The Kent son, Reno arrives from New York to take revenge on his father for abandoning him and his sister. Reno finds the goddaughter of his father Dennis, and has every intention of using her to get his revenge. But he didn’t account for Lisette being who she was. Crazy, beautiful, strong willed and mesmerizing. Reno falls hard for Lisette, but Dennis doesn’t want him and Lisette to be together. So Reno gives Lisette up in exchange, Dennis promises to help him find his little sister.
Lisette Ross had never been in love before. So when the man she considers the love of her life leaves her she turns wild. Striking deals with a devil that leaves her half dead.
Reno now has to choose between the love he has for Lisette and that of his long lost sister. Who needed him more?

Lisette had heard the word ‘yes’ and immediately her senses went into a celebratory rumba. She barely listened as he promised to make things special for her, what she wanted engraved in her mind and heart, was the moment she took a giant leap of faith and landed into Reno Kanaloa’s strong arms. And so she did.
Lisette got out of the car and walked round to the passenger side where Reno was waiting for her with open arms. She rushed into them and they held her in place. She felt liked she belonged there, like she finally found her place in the world.
“It’s dark down here and we are alone,” she said in a seductive tone. “I might let you take me to the back seat and sneak a peek under my skirt.”
Reno’s body shook as he laughed his laughter filling and bouncing off the walls of the small parking garage. “Its statements like that that can get a girl de-flowered.”
“Oh really.” she teased as she rubbed her chest against his.
She was his eyes widen in shock, and then they slowly grew dark as his breaths labored. Lisette took a startled step back when she felt his manhood come alive and press against her belly. “I think I should stop teasing you now.” she mumbled as she stared at the bulge of his jeans.
“I think that is a great idea.” Reno closed his eyes and steadied his breaths.
“Reno, promise me something.”
She waited until he had his eyes open before she spoke again. She needed to look into his eyes when he gave her this one promise; she needed to see if he was being honest with her. “If you feel like you are tired of waiting and you need to-,”
“I won’t.”
“But if you need to, please break up with me first. If there is one thing I cannot forgive is the breaking of trust.”
“I won’t.” Reno took a step forward and pulled her into his arms. He kissed the top of her head, before moving to her cheeks then her neck. “You are so tiny.” he mumbled as his lips smoothed against her neck.
Lisette rose to her tiptoes and angled her head so that he could get better access. What she didn’t expect was for Reno to lift her off the ground, and settle her on the bonnet of her car. He claimed her lips and kissed her passionately and hard, the hunger flowing through him and into her body.
She whimpered when he took a step back. Lisette put her hands on his shoulders and tried to pull him back in. But Reno took a step back and shrugged her hands away.
“I need a minute.” he gasped out. “You shouldn’t be so willing to give me what I want.”
Lisette watched as he struggled to get his body under control. She could feel a throbbing in her own body as her center pulsed with the need to be filled. “Maybe you should take me to the back seat and lift my skirts.”
“I think we should get going.” Reno started walking towards the parking entrance leaving Lisette behind. She watched him for a while and could see he was serious about leaving. She leapt off the car, run after him and hopped on his back. Reno’s hands secured her legs around him, and they walked to the parade in laughter.

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Thunder and Lightning ~ #SexySnippets

Rain on Me is available now!

 For those counting along at home, this is the final cover. I sure had fun making the other forty-some. :D
If every heart’s a package someone else has tied in knots, how did bondage unravel mine?

I’d sleep with the devil to nail the source of illegal poker machines pouring into my district. It’s personal between me and those one-armed bandits, but when my captain asked me to go undercover as a sexual submissive to catch our suspect, my gut said “Hell, no, even I can’t tell a lie that big.”

Enter Ray Casey, shibari master, who spent two weeks showing me the world of erotic bondage. I fell hard for Ray, but the outcome of our affair was preordained; duty above all.

When the unthinkable happened, where could I turn when I couldn’t trust my brothers in blue? My instincts led me back to Ray, but he wants me to submit to something harder than a little BDS&M….

~Zinnia J. Jackson, Det. 1st Grade, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division 

Now for my seven sentences: 
His growl blended with the thunder when he leaned down, wrapped his hands around the back of my thighs and hoisted me; I locked my knees to his side, grabbing his shirt with my fists.
He slammed me against the car, canting my hips so the head of his cock breached my swollen entrance. Lightning streaked across the sky when he slid into me. Though my eyes were closed, the ghostly print of the bolt staggered across the inside of my skull. The sweet friction of penetration was sharpened by those damnable, blissful cords. They pressed my flesh tightly to his, making his invasion into a full-out assault.

And then he matched his rhythm to the rain.

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