Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Release Date and Cover Reveal for Pedal to the Metal

Coming August 31, 2015

It’s complicated.

Once, I’d have scorned anyone who’d describe their relationship that way.
Now, I’d say, “You have no idea.”
I walked away from my stepbrothers again, this time to make my mother happy.
To make my best friend Caroline happy.
And what did those bad boys do?
They grabbed Caroline and came after me.

When you can’t please everyone,

One more race, one more wicked night was all they asked, because even Colt and Caine accepted one more was all we could risk before someone got hurt.
Then we’d do the right thing—or at least stop doing the wrong thing.
But fate had other ideas.

You got to please yourself.

When life shoved me into the wall, I realized that everything I believed about myself, everything I could ever hope to be, I’d learned from a racin’ man.
And it was by God time to put the pedal to the metal, so I went hammer down and hell bent, for love.
And, if what I've done bothers anyone, they can kiss my red-headed, NASCAR-man lovin', college-educated, country girl ass.
Now, it's a romance.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm pretty excited myself...cannot wait for y'all to see Shelby get her HEA. :)

  2. Eden I was suprised by how much I have fallen in love with this entire story. This has not generally been my genre of choice but after reading the first book I was hooked! I love Shelby, Caine, Colt, Caroline, and Johnny! I also adore Dale. Thank you for writing a fun, and interesting story this college educated red neck girl can escape into.
    P.S please tell me there are more than six chapters in PTM?

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Crystal! I love hearing how readers react to this twisted tale.
      Yes ma'am, PTTM has a lot more than 6 chapters :p I think I'm on Ch. 27 and still pounding the keyboard, trying to hit the two magic words (The End!) I can hardly wait to hear what y'all think about the conclusion. :)

  3. Hi when does this book get released for kindle please? Can't wait for the ending x

    1. Hi, I posted info about this delay on my author page a couple of days ago: