Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday

Six steamy sentences from my short story Cupid's Correction, coming in February from Rebel Ink Press. 
A naughty little bite to whet your appetite. Enjoy.


 Outrage made his cock jab angrily into his abdomen as his eyes narrowed on Gil as she tugged a strange man’s dick out of the slit in his boxers and boldly slid her fist down the length.
Her hand seemed to squeeze the breath right out of him.
She turned her head to stare at his heaving chest as she slowly began to jack a cock that wasn’t his, the outrageous sight reminding him why they were divorcing, even as his nipple burned for another touch of her tongue.
Damn her pretty ass, Dylan could almost feel her soft hand on his rigid rod as he stared at her bare fingers sliding over the veined skin in her hand, fury making his breaths come dear. Glistening drops of cum welled onto his cock head, as a vision of Gil on her knees, her tongue peeking from between her lips and her wedding gown puddled around their feet on the floor no more than three minutes after they’d married, dimmed the disagreeable sight. She’d worn the same look as she’d taken him out of his tuxedo pants with a laugh that had made his heart slam with fear that someone would hear her and come to investigate the noises coming from the room just off the church vestibule as the huge crowd of their friends and family filed past. 


  1. Wow! I wonder how it is he could watch? Were they supposed to meet? I love this post. leaves me hanging. Very sexy.

  2. HOT! And intriguing... I want to know how this all plays out!

  3. Now Eden, you're just giving me ideas of what I could get up to just three minutes after I get married... Mmmmmmmmm

  4. Wow. That was a deep six. Very sexy.

  5. Very interesting. I don't think I'd be able to stand there and watch that, but they ARE getting a divorce, after all.

    Very hot! Thanks for sharing!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog today :)