Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gotta Love a Bad Boy

Who's your favorite bad boy?

We all have one. He's the guy, whether famous or simply seated on the Harley parked across from yours, that never fails to make your G-spot stand up and start doing the Hustle.

How can a woman resist a fuck-you attitude wrapped in fuck-me eyes? Pair that with a self-destructive bent and I'm certainly suckered. Because that's the thing about a bad boy, you just wanna save them from themselves. That's a delusion I've suffered from a time or two in my life, along with a couple of my female main characters.

For me, it's been Kris Kristofferson since I was sixteen years old. A first date took me to see A Star is Born, and he was sweet enough to hand me a napkin for my drool. I think it was the only time the entire evening I spared a look at the poor guy who'd shelled out the cash for the flick and driven me into Charlotte, N.C. from the small suburb we lived in. Can't imagine why he never asked me out again, but it was okay. I had Kris.

Because, oh my freeking gawd, in 1976, Kris Kristofferson was absolutely edible. Those piercing blue eyes beneath that tousled thatch of dark hair, the gravelly voice that sent shivers racing across every teenage nerve-ending in my body,  the touch of grey in the beard that you simply knew came more from hard living than age, and that naughty I-double-dog-dare-you grin all combined to give him a permanent place at the top of my fantasy-man list. 

The fact he could sing was icing on the cake.

Frankly, if he'd shown up hanging from the back of a garbage truck, I believe I'd still have fallen in love with the man, but I confess, I'd have cheerfully clawed Barbara Streisand's eyes out and cut her golden throat with a broken beer bottle to have traded places with her. I can still sing every word of every song from that movie, and I've owned the soundtrack on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and they're all currently saved on my YouTube faves. 

I dragged his poster with me to college, and pinned it proudly one the wall opposite my bed. I'm positive Kris is to blame for my failing Microbiology too. Every time I attempted to study, a whole other sort of Biology came to mind. But I forgave him. That's the other quality every bad boy owns, the ability to make you forgive their bad behavior, even when you know you shouldn't.

Enjoy the photo gallery, while you listen to one of my all-time favorite songs, written and sung by Kris. 

Then tell me about your favorite bad boy, while I run off to do edits on A Soldier's Tears, my current work-in-progress. The male main character, Tanner Caldwell, has more than a touch of Kris in him.

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  1. Erm Kris Kristofferson doesn't do it for me I'm afraid, but if we are talking bad boys, I just love Rufus Sewell when he's playing evil, not to mention Billy Zane, or even Alan Rickman, but ONLY do they make me tingle when they're being bad boys.... *sigh*