Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bad Apple of Erotic Romance? Seriously?

It's a bold claim, particularly for a new author, I admit. 

With a name like Eden, how can I not be fascinated with the little event that's said to have transpired in the Garden of Eden?  And which juicy fruit did Eve supposedly use to tempt Adam into sin? The apple, of course.

So why a 'Bad Apple'? Who wants to read about people being good when they select an erotic romance novel? I know I certainly don't. I hope you don't either, because I can promise you right this minute, my characters get up to all sorts of juicy sexual shenanigans as they seek love and sexual fulfillment. They're all guilty of being bad. In the good way.

It's said that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. That's my goal, and the logic behind the tag line. I hope to spoil my readers, by giving you stories so juicy and satisfying that you'll keep coming back again and again for another naughty taste.  

So, in the words I imagine Eve said to Adam on that fateful day...Come on, take a bite. What can it hurt?

(Credit to Nichole Pattinson, for making me this fabulous pic --thanks so much! I love it.)

You'll be able to get your first bite of my work tomorrow, when my short story, Cum, They Told Me will be published by Naughty Nights Press, as one of eight hot holiday reads in their Christmas Anthology entitled Doing The Naughty List Twice.

~Teaser for Cum, They Told Me ~
Sophie Weller has had a rough year. She's being forced to sell the company she has poured her heart and soul into for the past nine years as part of her divorce from her cheating, drug-abusing husband, a disgrace to the uniform of the NY Yankees. She spent a terrible eighteen hours with her mother, trapped in a car hanging off the side of an embankment, and she comes out of that misadventure knowing she will do anything to avoid ending up as shallow and bitter as her mother, resolving that as soon as the ball drops in Times Square, she will devote the next 365 days to seeking only her pleasure. 
On New Year's Eve, she meets with her attorney, Kendall Davis Laramie III, and her hunky Texas-bred buyer, Matthias Jackson, to complete the two items that will release her from the unfulfilling life she's been living: her divorce and the sale of her company, Banger and Lever Optics.
Before the ink is dry on the first contract, Sophie begins to fancy taking a bite of both men. Matt and Davis definitely want to share a taste of Sophie. But is that all they want from her?

Purchase links will be posted here as soon as I have them. The anthology will be available on Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance EBooks.

Welcome  to Eden's Garden, where juicy and sinful is in everything on the menu. Please visit often, as the offerings are nothing if not naughty. Feel free to comment as well as share this blog with your friends who enjoy a hot read.



  1. Woooooo now THAT is an introduction :-) a must read, and I *love your style* I am looking forward to seeing just how naughty things can get in that garden of Eden :-) (apologies, it sounded so much better in my head...)

  2. Love the blog - the concept, the look, everything. Your story sounds great too :)

  3. Excellent looking blog Eden...very impressed with it!

    *bites n kisses*