Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just F*cking Fabulous ~ Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Welcome back! Ready for another six sentences from 
Soft Sounds of Pleasure?

"I'm sorry about Pete," he burst out, his voice sounding about as ragged as she felt. "I'm sorry I didn't know, Lila, are you...are you okay?"
She was, if you didn't count the fact she had house payments to make and Pete's life insurance wasn't in any hurry to pay up. She was doing fine if you didn't count the fact all her old friends had deserted her. She was absolutely peachy as long as her mother-in-law kept her distance. She was just fucking fabulous if she didn't let herself think too much about her only child being deployed to Iraq.

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  1. You pack a lot of emotion in six sentences, Eden. Super six!

  2. Great choice!!!! Lots of emotion from both sides there!

  3. Things are pretty rough for her poor thing, powerful six.

  4. Ooh... poor woman has a lot going on! I feel for her!