Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goin' Down ~ #SexySnippets

Life deals Eric a harsh blow, and all he can think about is being with Amy. But when he finds her, she's just been turned down for a very important project. Do they fight? Yes, but not the way he expects. She challenges him to a Nerf ball duel in the middle of the mall. When she informs Eric with a glint in her eye that he's going down, he has a typical De Marco response. 

She poked him in the chest with the end of her gun. “You’re going down, De Marco.”
He leaned down until their noses nearly touched. “Oh, hell yes, I will go down. Count on that. Bet a quarter, I can make you cry with just my tongue.” Her cheeks darkened, and for a moment, her eyes had that unfocused look. 

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