Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jealous of the Rain ~ #SexySnippets

Seven more from Rain on Me. 

Yes. Yes, I did change the cover again. Thanks for noticing. :D

(Ray is speaking)

“Your mama sure does have a knack for raisin’ pretty things. And that boyfriend who's sendin’ you postcards from all over the world sure must be jealous of this rain.” Ray knew damn well he had no fucking business trying to find out if she was seeing anyone.
“Why would you say that?”
He lifted a finger to her shoulder, but didn’t touch her. Catching one of the droplets sliding down her bare arm with his fingernail, he stared into her eyes. “Rain’s bound to make your man feel bad, ‘cause this drop of water’s doing what he wants to be doing, sliding over your bare skin.”
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  1. Such an erotic moment. I can just imagine Ray watching the rain trickling down her. Great snippet Eden

  2. So, is this the last change to the cover? *ducks*

    Great snippet, Eden :-)

  3. Feeling woozy from all your cover changes. LOL

    Water on bare skin is so sexy.

  4. oh wow, now there is a reason to be jealous of the rain! Great snippet. xx