Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sawdust and Comfort ~ Six Sentence Sunday #SixSunday

Six more from Incidental Contact.

Snorting aloud, Amy rose on her toes and tossed the huge towel over the top of the rail holding the shower curtain before adjusting the water temperature. As though every woman in town hadn't tried to 'comfort' Eric De Marco? Now that Daniel and Colton were off the relationship market, competition was sure to increase for the last unattached De Marco brother. This year would likely be a banner one for adding new notches to his bedpost. Assuming he had any bedposts left. Rumor had it the man was a sex machine. If he actually carved notches in his bedposts, he probably had to suck up the sawdust with a Dyson and buy a new bed every six months. 
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  1. Ha, that would make a good Dyson commercial, lol. I'm, such a sucker for those De Marco Men and I loved this 6.

  2. great 6 - It says a lot about how she feels about him and how much he has to prove.