Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time for another Six Sentence Sunday, where I post an excerpt of six sizzling sentences from one of my stories.
This week, I chose to use lines from a novel due to be released this April by Silver Publishing.

Soft Sounds of Pleasure 

     Lila Walker’s husband has been dead for nine months when sexy, younger Colton De Marco suddenly offers her a chance to re-experience two things she has missed the most, sex and competitive youth sports.  What could be the harm in mixing a bit of hooking up in with her hardball?


         Anticipation coiled in his gut as he spread her thighs. Chest heaving, he stared at the petals of flesh he found so beautiful, fluttering now as if caressed by a summer breeze. Raw, primitive feelings pierced him as he spied the sheen of the first pearly drop as it emerged from inside her.
         His pearly drop, the sight of it transforming him into a man he had never been before this moment.
         Her man.
         She whimpered as he couldn't resist catching it on one fingertip, using it to soften a caress of her visible, still-throbbing clit.



  1. Eden that was so sexy! l loved it and can't wait to read more!

  2. That was hot Eden! Nice anticipation.

  3. Not every man is comfortable with the notion of touching the pearly drops of his own seed, especially after he has planted it. For me, this is a very erotic scene and I can envision his first tentative touch leading to a more intimate oral caress.

    I have another comment, but I'll PM you with it.

  4. Great SixSunday! The anticipation...oh how it can draw a reader in, when well crafted :o)