Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Hot Man and a Quickie ~ Too Bad It Wasn't His C*ck

The hot man: 

Nice view isn't it? You're welcome. <grin>

Places to stalk romance cover model John Quinlan:

The quickie: (excerpt from CC #2, untitled)

His wife had perfect lips. They’d never looked better than they did at this moment, rounded into a perfect oval as she climaxed. Her swaying breasts were perfect as well, their motion reflecting the rhythm of the hard cock pistoning into her.
Too bad it wasn't his cock, but those were his lips, his breasts, and for that matter, his nose. J.J. Winters leaned against the opened door frame, waiting for Mallory to notice him. Shouldn't be long now. Her young stud was starting to grunt and groan and he’d lost his smooth stroke.
J.J. tried to care. He figured he should feel a lot of things he no longer felt, and not just about his wayward wife. The gleaming brass headboard called up a long-buried memory of his older brother’s sports trophies, the ones his mother displayed on her mantelpiece, pointing them out to any visitor unfortunate enough to darken the door of her south Boston home.
He was a long way from Boston. A long way from the pimple-faced, painfully shy bookworm his mother mostly ignored. He no longer had acne and he’d lost the frail physique that had kept him on the sidelines while his brother lettered in three sports.
His brother was a pipe fitter and lived about four blocks from their mother, while J.J. was a plastic surgeon with a surgical suite adjacent to Emory University Hospital. Apparently, his accomplishments weren't enough for Mallory. 


Not only will Breaking Glass be available tomorrow on Amazon, but I finally have the rights to the De Marco series back, so here's a peek at the new covers.

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  1. Is it wrong that I liked the quickie more than the hot man? Loved the excerpt and I can't wait to see the De Marco series out!

  2. Hmmm....good steamy excerpt. BUT...having been married to a cheating wife in the the hero, this too brings back memories. First time I have visited this author's site. While this is good writing, if this is typical for the characters and storyline, it will be the last.