Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Hot Man and a Quickie ~ Polishing Eve's Pomegranites

Wow, Saturday already. Time for a hot man and a quickie. 

The hot man
as always, is romance cover model John Quinlan.

Do take that shirt off, John. It's summer somewhere.

Places to stalk John:

The quickie. 

I figured it's time y'all met Eros, the uninvited paranormal guest who's hiding from the mighty warrior angel Ishmael the Lessor at Carmine House, much to Willa's chagrin. 

(unedited excerpt from Carmine Club's free prequel ~ Breaking Glass)

"You have been summoned." Ishmael pointed his sword at Eros, sounding all bad-ass.
"Cool, there’s an orgy?" He took pleasure from the tight lines appearing around the angel’s mouth. "I’m so there."
"Hardly. The Judicious One requires your presence. Leave the toy bow and arrow here. No more of your accidents." The angel glared down his nose.
One accident, Eros ruffled his feathers. Just one little accident. His fingers twitched on the taut string he’d just installed on his bow. Not for the first time, he contemplated shooting an arrow at the chaste angel. What fun it would be to watch the smug bastard driven insane by a lust he wasn’t allowed to enjoy, but he'd never quite worked out what the consequences of that act might be.
 The bastard had a memory longer than his wings. Millenniums had passed since the day they'd all visited to Earth to admire One’s new Garden. Eros's arrow had missed the juicy red fruit he’d been aiming for, striking Eve. He was almost positive Ishmael used his massive wings to create the naughty wind spoiling his perfect aim that fateful day. Ishmael never missed a chance to rub Eros's nose in the fact he'd set the downfall of mankind in motion. Seriously, to hear the angel talk, you’d think the Serpent had been an innocent earthworm, hanging about holding a hankie in case Eve needed her pomegranates polished.

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