Sunday, February 26, 2012

Six sentences that may get me banned.

This small excerpt from 'When a Soldier Cries' refer to  the rape of my female main character, Dr. Tori Morgan Banks. Oh wait, I might be safe when this novel is published, since I doubt the Neanderthals at PayPal Enforcement (seriously, they need a division named this?) recognize it's even possible for a husband to rape his wife. Silly me. What was I thinking? 

Anyway, enjoy my six. Then drop down and read my rant about the way a quasi-financial institution is raping me and my fellow erotica writers. Yes, a debit card is now seeking to define what is and is not acceptable content for their customers to purchase. This content is not ban-able--yet. Read it while you can. Then, grab your PayPal card and a pair of scissors and cut the damn thing to shreds, mail them back where they came from and tell them they aren't qualified to judge what is and is not 'acceptable content'. When the day has come a piece of plastic can judge my work or any other authors and label it as anything other than a expenditure, the day my bank seeks to deny my check for 'unhealthy' foods is likely not far behind.

Her breath was being shut off; she heard Anthony shouting in her head as she felt his hand on the back of her head, pressing her face so hard against the pillow she couldn't breathe.
“Bitch. No, you’re less than that. Bitches are for breeding. You’re nothing. Useless cunt. Waste of time.”
Then the pain began, the feeling she was being ripped apart, but she couldn't gather enough breath to scream. She was choking. She was dying.


  1. Eden, I have just written a book nearly ready to submit that includes a rape as a "pivotal" moment in the heroine's life. She relives it when she describes it (finally) to a man determined to love her. it was tough. but I'm glad I did it.

    1. The statistics on rape in the US are staggering, particularly the ones they use to suggest how many rapes go unreported. Rape is a topic that must surely resonate with a large portion of our readership, then. I pulled back immediately after these words in my novel, and from that point forward, I mostly dealt with it from my male main character's perspective. but then, I'm a rape victim, not quite ready to explore this in depth, for public consumption.

      Are you concerned about the with-hunt currently being conducted on any novel which might have the tag of rape, Liz? (And nice to meet you, btw :-)

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